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Yippee for a page turner when I needed it!

Great end-0f-the-year thriller to sneak away and read when I wanted it most. It’s been a long year and I’m ready for it to end. I just want to hide out and escape into another world that’s not mine.

Very MacGyver-type guy who can get anything done, but not only with brute strength, he has some smarts, some class, and respect. I’m new to James Patterson, but when I finished the book (handed to me by my sister while in Yosemite … I could write a whole series about how we should read what other people just hand to us) I read that he has sold more than 210 million copies of his books. So what is he doing right? He has characters who are intriguing and we care about. I know, same old, same old, but what else is there? People we care about we want to make sure they’ll be OK, we want to know what will happen next, we care about these things–whether in a book or in our lives.

At the barber this morning and I saw a James Patterson and she gave me a copy of one she just finished. Gave us some conversation to link up the barber’s wife with me on the last day of the year to talk about short chapters and thrilling scenes in worlds that neither of us inhabit. Fun. Happy new year!

Page-turner for end-of-the year.

Page-turner for end-of-the year.

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