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The Power of Chicks

Find your ultimate confidence

I’m proud to be a part of Erin Attwood’s upcoming free interview series “The Power of Chicks.”

She and I hit it off in the interview as she came from a perspective of fitness and health and I came in from habits and happiness.

But we follow the same path. We both arrive at the same goal. To find your confidence to move you forward.

Because, sure, you can listen to us talk all day–as well as the couple dozen other interviews she sharing for free for a few weeks here in February 2019–but it’s going to take a mindset shift on your part to make that change, to take that first step, and take action (however tiny) towards your goal.

Head on over to her site, join to view the interviews for free, sit back, relax, and enjoy…for a while.

Because then I’m going to want to see some action.

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