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A waste of a perfectly good restaurant.

A waste of a perfectly good restaurant.

After a movie, how about a yummy, “fancy” dinner out with the kids!?

If you don’t have kids, you can just file this under, “Read later. Much later. In fact, don’t read before we have kids.” 

It all sounds nice. Just like long car rides sound nice. Well, long car rides ARE nice … just not with kids. Unless the kids are asleep, or watching a movie, or reading books, or enjoying the scenery. Wait, enjoying the scenery? Ha, just checking that you’re paying attention. If you don’t have kids and you’re still reading this for some self-punishing reason, kids don’t really enjoy scenery. Well, some oddball kids, but maybe it should be reduced to the singular of “scenery” to “scene.” They might enjoy a scene out the window. Like the scene of an In-N-Out at the next offramp.

I don’t know what my wife and I were thinking, though. Movie and dinner! Woo hoo! Fun! For the whole family!

“Ik eet nichts. Ik ga cereal eten als wij thuis zijn. Dit is stom. Wanneer gaan wij?”

I’m not going to eat anything. I’m going to eat cereal when we get home. This is stupid. When are we leaving?”

My youngest and I did play Sudoku together for a bit under candlelight as he picked at his white rice with his fingers. He said he wanted yogurt when we got home. My oldest said at one point that the cheese Dosa was the most delicious thing he had ever eaten, but when my wife asked, “Oh great! Really? You liked it?” “No, I’m kidding.” Oh, what a kidder.

I shouldn’t write this so quickly while it’s all so fresh. No, I should. Tomorrow I might think it was a cozy dinner out when I look at the photos. Note I took no photos of the happy family at dinner. I should do some videos of my 11-year old sulking. Would get big props on our family iCloud photo share.

The spicy basil Dosa was delicious as was the spiced pumpkin dal. We tried to enjoy it and ignore our kids’ pleas to just go home and have cereal and yogurt. It was good food, but the fastest $90 spent on trying to leave a place. Maybe we just stick to In-N-Out and wait another year until the kids are ready to branch out beyond bland.

Hmm, should I file this under Parenting or Project Management (gone wrong)?

Dreams of dinner with the family are squashed by ... reality.

Dreams of dinner with the family are squashed by … reality.

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