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Lucky (to Write) Every Day

Lucky (to Write) Every Day

It doesn’t take energy, it provides energy.

It’s not a push, it’s a pull.

Wow. 2,000 posts in 2,000 days. Some might say, “Wow, awesome!” or “That’s insane!” or even “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

I would answer, “Yes, it’s awesome, yes, I’m insane (but in a good way), and yes, I have better things to do.

The better thing I have to do is to write a better post tomorrow. Better than the one I wrote today. To make the next book better than the last. To start a new series with new characters, to start a new podcast (oops, did that last week).

To keep on living the dream that I have created for myself and to make it better with each and every single day.

This maybe sounds silly by now, but I need to create a new post where I’ll keep posts 2,001 to 3,000 and it has to have a title. I already have:

  1. Write Every Day
  2. Keep Writing Every Day

Every Single Day, I type into my browser address bar “keep … ” and this page comes up. Then I edit it, yes, manually, and add today’s post and make a link.

If I think about how I feel about writing every day, here are a few words that come to mind:

  • Lucky
  • Thankful
  • Grateful
  • Blessed
  • Fortunate
  • Allowed
  • Privileged
  • Living my Dream
  • Mexican Fisherman

Although I’m not a big fan of the word “luck” I do like it and believe that luck is created and not so much found on the street corner. If I think about what word I’d like to type into the address bar of my browser bar every day, it’s a fun one. I’m into fun. I’m into light. I’m going with Lucky.

Here we go.

  1. Lucky (to Write) Every Day (Mar 21)
  2. TT59: If a thing has served its purpose, can you bid it farewell? (Mar 22)
  3. The Secret of Kite Hill audiobook is (finally) live! (Mar 23)
  4. Das Geheimnis von Kite Hill ist fast hier! (Mar 24)
  5. The Power of Eight (Mar 25)
  6. “There’s a spark within me that has been relit.” (Mar 26)
  7. Are you a gardener or a mortician? (Mar 27)
  8. Amazon (Audible) Kindle Whispersync for Voice (Mar 28)
  9. Every Single Day audiobook is on its way! (Mar 29)
  10. LiaBraThoCha: Do you listen to the voices that come to you in the silence of the deep morning? (Mar 30)
  11. Amazon, Wattpad, Instafreebie, BookFunnel, Goodreads … where’s the best place to find new readers? (Mar 31)
  12. Youx (Apr 1)
  13. Youx Cubed (Apr 2)
  14. What if you had dreams. Then you achieved them. Then you went beyond them. Now what? (Apr 3)
  15. Oops, my own podcast is playing on my Sonos speakers in my living room. (Apr 4)
  16. Pick up the phone. Step out of the house. Make the connection. (Apr 5)
  17. A day without writing is like … night. (Apr 6)
  18. Worse Together (Apr 7)
  19. (Not So) Quiet Before the Storm (Apr 8)
  20. This creative relationship is a two-way street. (Apr 9)
  21. Just a little more pain for a lot more freedom. (Apr 10)
  22. Every Single Day: Weight Loss (Apr 11)
  23. If you change just one person, do you make a tiny change in the world? (Apr 12)
  24. I just submitted “Every Single Day” to IngramSpark! (Apr 13)
  25. Victoria? I’m sorry, but I’ve met someone else. Her name is Morena. (Apr 14)
  26. Lucky Writing Socks (and how to build a prosperous partnership) (Apr 15)
  27. Book Cover Research for Top 10 Teen & Young Adult Fantasy & Supernatural Mystery eBooks (Apr 16)
  28. Florence (Apr 17)
  29. Don’t leave me near the “upload to Amazon” button … (Apr 18)
  30. What does “The Blank Page” mean to you? (Apr 19)
  31. Who wants to play? (Apr 20)
  32. There’s no substitute for just doing it. Publishing with IngramSpark and Amazon. (Apr 21)
  33. Why my “Every Single Day” book as audiobook is even more exciting than the print or ebook. (Apr 22)
  34. Why the “Follow” button for Amazon authors is important–and how Giveaways can make them work. (Apr 23)
  35. Driehoek (Apr 24)
  36. Escape the “comfortable” and arrive at a “freedom from decision making.” (Apr 25)
  37. Raw Relationships Interview: Finding your passion and living it! (Apr 26)
  38. Overcoming Personal Fear. Bradley Charbonneau on The Wealth Standard Podcast (Apr 27)
  39. Remember, the sun is shining behind the clouds. (Apr 28)
  40. You know when clarity strikes. (No, really, you do.) Work it, milk it, use it. (Apr 29)
  41. Looking for Audiobook Reviews? Audiobook Boom (Apr 30)
  42. Alchohol is fun, but this is more fun. (May 1)
  43. Because I’m not going to read your book like this–but I’ll listen to it. (May 2)
  44. Surreal Scene of Past, Present, and Future (May 3)
  45. Natural wonder to the rescue of overwhelm. (May 4)
  46. How can there possibly be more? Then there’s more. (May 5)
  47. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. (May 6)
  48. Indie author gets real paper books onto physical bookstore shelves! (May 7)
  49. Back to Kite Hill: Where it all began. (May 8)
  50. I can do that again, but I might not be able to do this again. (May 9)
  51. Is your past holding you back? (May 10)
  52. The steak keeps cooking on the plate. (May 11)
  53. When you travel, do you open your eyes? (May 12)
  54. Quick: one word to describe when you just arrive home. (May 13)
  55. The noblest art is that of making others happy. (May 14)
  56. When you’re building a business, keep in mind how long it might take to dismantle it. (May 15)
  57. Tag. You’re It. (May 16)
  58. 5 Reasons Nonfiction Authors Should Narrate Their Own Audiobooks (May 17)
  59. Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money – That You Don’t Learn in School! (May 18)
  60. Could audiobooks be the secret media to reach your kids’ minds? (May 19)
  61. Your audiobook playing in a stranger’s living room? Crazy, I know. (May 20)
  62. Here’s how to beat your kid’s screen addiction. (May 21)
  63. 5 Reasons Nonfiction Authors Should Hire a Professional Narrator for their Audiobooks (May 22)
  64. How $14.38 confirmed my future audiobook publishing strategy. (May 23)
  65. re006: One Thing (May 24)
  66. Bye Bye Chiweta. It’s been fun and real, but no longer real fun. (May 25)
  67. Expert Enough: Even if you know just a little more, you can help. (May 26)
  68. Feeling stuck? Maybe it’s time to take it to the next level. (May 27)
  69. What do you really want? (May 28)
  70. You read your books out loud for editing anyway, right? (May 29)
  71. Why aren’t my books in the library? (May 30)
  72. re007: Happy as a Dog (May 31)
  73. Free online tool to add meta tags and image tag to MP3 file (Jun 1)
  74. Save $1,800, make your Mac Mini blazing fast, and save the life of a … fish. (Jun 2)
  75. Could this be the secret to the Golden State Warriors success? (Jun 3)
  76. Audio for Authors Course Sales Page (Jun 4)
  77. Avondvierdaagse. AKA: Let’s walk together 10 km per evening over the next 4 days. Just because. (Jun 5)
  78. A Kiss to Tremble the Heart (Jun 6)
  79. How to create a new podcast episode using Castos Podcast Hosting (Jun 7)
  80. Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work (Jun 8)
  81. Every Single Week (Jun 9)
  82. The oddball reason I want my audiobooks on Storytel (Jun 10)
  83. Add Audible book to your purchase for just $1.99 (Jun 11)
  84. Do you have an update available for your Kindle book? (Jun 12)
  85. Writing to market? Let’s find your markets–and those to avoid. (Jun 13)
  86. Thursday (Jun 14)
  87. Start writing here … (Jun 15)
  88. Oh, but I can. (Jun 16)
  89. Utrecht (Jun 17)
  90. Possibly the easiest $50 you might never get. Introducing the Audible Bounty. (Jun 18)
  91. If you think you need to do more, it might be time to do less. (Jun 19)
  92. Meditation for Authors (Jun 20)
  93. re010: Discovering a new tool for creation: Dictation Brain (Jun 21)
  94. When you look back and say, “It all started on that day.” (Jun 22)
  95. What if you had to create your book cover before your book? (Jun 23)
  96. Write to Market (Jun 24)
  97. If you don’t yet know this “secret to a long and happy life,” you might want to get started. (Jun 25)
  98. Should you create a separate website for your book? Books? Series of books? (Jun 26)
  99. How bathroom tiles factor into my audiobook marketing strategy (Jun 27)
  100. 2,100 Posts in 2,100 Days (Jun 28)
  101. re011: Eleven is more than zero (Jun 29)
  102. Imagination Injection (Jun 30)
  103. Decision Snowball: Do even the small decisions in our lives affect the larger ones? (Jul 1)
  104. One of my goals for my “Audio for Authors” book and course: Short, Sweet, and Done (Jul 2)
  105. Which microphone to get started recording audiobooks? (Jul 3)
  106. My first test with transcription and how this is going to change … everything. (Jul 4)
  107. re012: Our unique voice “fingerprint” (Jul 5)
  108. The Writer’s Guide to Training Your Dragon (Review) (Jul 6)
  109. The Neighbor (Short Story) (Kindle Single) (Review) by Dean Koontz (Jul 7)
  110. Finally: MailerLite makes it easy–and beautiful–to send a weekly roundup of your posts with featured image. (Jul 8)
  111. That thing you think is going to happen might not happen. (Jul 9)
  112. How’s that audiobook studio coming along? It might be time to get out of the house. (Jul 10)
  113. Is your audiobook worth a credit? In other words: $14.99? (Jul 11)
  114. re013: Because One Thing Leads to Another (Jul 12)
  115. Looking for audiobook reviews? (Jul 13)
  116. Warning: Screen-Free Weekend Ahead! (Jul 14)
  117. Would you rather work or go on vacation? (Jul 15)
  118. Want to really become an expert at something? Write a book about it. (Jul 16)
  119. Audio for Authors (Jul 17)
  120. Every Single Month (Jul 18)
  121. re014: Caminante y La Estirpe afortunada (interview with Spanish magical fantasy author) (Jul 19)
  122. Is your goal to have fun or win an award? (Jul 20)
  123. The Birth of an Audiobook: What if you just tried one chapter? (Jul 21)
  124. Chapter Won (Jul 22)
  125. Thinking of hopping on the bullet train to audiobook success? (Jul 23)
  126. When you change your mind, you change your mind (Jul 24)
  127. The Secret Life of a 104-Year Old (Jul 25)
  128. re015: The difference between a mediocre audiobook reading and an excellent one? Performance. (Jul 26)
  129. The tiny little secret of the tipping point (Jul 27)
  130. The big decisions will help guide the smaller decisions (Jul 28)
  131. Decisions: The School Uniform and Releasing Trapped Energy (Jul 29)
  132. Relief (Jul 30)
  133. Is this the next chapter of audiobooks? (Jul 31)
  134. The future of the audiobook market is wide open because it is device independent. (Aug 1)
  135. re016: Embrace the Shadow (Aug 2)
  136. Are you missing out on a chance to connect with your readers at the end of each chapter? (Aug 3)
  137. Audio for Authors: What does this teach? What does this solve? What am I giving? (Aug 4)
  138. Are your writing habits portable? (Aug 5)
  139. Do you need to stay in a castle to rip your child’s attention away from their screens? (Aug 6)
  140. How a war museum helps build your brand, sell more books, and connect with your audience. (Aug 7)
  141. Create: What you do when you’re ready to start living (Aug 8)
  142. re017: Authors Direct (Aug 9)
  143. Pure Mind & Magic: Secrets and Potential about audiobooks with Bradley Charbonneau (Aug 10)
  144. Kindle in Motion (Aug 11)
  145. Charlie Holiday book title workshop (Aug 12)
  146. Charlie Holiday now has 3 books, completely new titles, and even new book covers. What’s next? We sat down for a quick interview. (Aug 13)
  147. When are decisions triggered in the subconscious minds of children? (Aug 14)
  148. One step to create a series page for your books on Amazon–and how it’s different from a bundle. (Aug 15)
  149. re018: Where do you find inspiration? How do you then set it free? (Aug 16)
  150. Chance of a Lifetime (Charlie Holiday Series Book 3) (Aug 17)
  151. Influence people’s minds with Master Mentalist Lior Suchard. How are your (fictional) characters influenced? (Aug 18)
  152. “The best form of creativity is a deadline.” Read Minds and Amaze People with the Mentalist Oz Pearlman and Lewis Howes (Aug 19)
  153. I’m not writing as much fiction as I’d like to. Here’s the solution. (Aug 20)
  154. A Smorgasbord of the Senses: Charlie Holiday Gets Schooled in the Senses (Aug 21)
  155. [Sight] How Blind is the Bat? (Aug 22)
  156. Small Wins (Aug 23)
  157. [Touch] This is going to hurt you more than it’s going to hurt me (Aug 24)
  158. [Smell] Is this what death smells like? Or is that shampoo? (Aug 25)
  159. Taste. No, sight. No. Wait. Is there something you want to tell me? (Aug 26)
  160. Goudsterren (Aug 27)
  161. Oops, now I’m an editor and collaborating on a new book. (Aug 28)
  162. People used to write letters to each other. By hand. With a pen. And paper. Whoa. (Aug 29)
  163. re20: The best gift to give is the one you’d kind of like to keep for yourself (Aug 30)
  164. Light at the End of the Clutter (Aug 31)
  165. This is the Good Stuff (Sep 1)
  166. Overwhelmed with “Papers from the Past”? Scanner Pro to the Rescue (Sep 2)
  167. This is not news: “Traffic on the 405/101 interchange this morning.” (Sep 3)
  168. In Iceland, they eat sheep heads. In Los Angeles, we have Tommy’s Chili Cheese Onion Fries (Sep 4)
  169. What to do with the past? The present? Oh, don’t forget the future. (Sep 5)
  170. re21: Sometimes it comes without asking for it and sometimes you got to struggle (Sep 6)
  171. Ten Tips for My Teenager (Sep 7)
  172. Use jet lag to your creative advantage (Sep 8)
  173. It can really help to get way out of flow to figure out when you’re in it (Sep 9)
  174. Ooops, need to make a change to your audiobook after it’s been published? Here’s how. (Sep 10)
  175. The most important audiobook decision you’ll make (Sep 11)
  176. Book Workshop: Title, Subtitle, Description for Plastic Fantastic (Sep 12)
  177. Give a Voice to Your Truth and a Truth to Your Voice (Sep 13)
  178. Need to make a box set of your books? Do you have Vellum? (Sep 14)
  179. That “Free Time” you’re longing for? It’s not free. (Sep 15)
  180. What if you just don’t have the capacity to decide? What if you don’t have a prefrontal cortex? What if you’re, like, a teenager. (Sep 16)
  181. Charlie Holiday Box Set (Books 1-3) (Sep 17)
  182. “Someday” and “never” have the same numerical value in that they both equal zero … and other highlights from “Decide.” (Sep 18)
  183. What am I not stepping into and why? (Sep 19)
  184. re23: When you talk to your friends, do you usually bring up the Regret Minimalization Framework? (Sep 20)
  185. Time to call it a day (Sep 21)
  186. “Wait, I take that back.” Are our decisions reversible? (Sep 22)
  187. “Every Single Day” is available through WhisperSync for Voice! (Sep 23)
  188. Here’s a list of 10 things. Only, I’m not going to give them to you. Yet. (Sep 24)
  189. Help Me Help You (Look Good) For Them (Sep 25)
  190. Dictatorship or democracy? Which is better for decision-making? (Sep 26)
  191. re24: In a schoolyard brawl, “Decide” is going to win out over “Hope.” (Sep 27)
  192. Do We Listen? (And an excellent example of newsletter marketing.) (Sep 28)
  193. Decisions Beget Decisions (Sep 29)
  194. What if the “primary” decisions became the “secondary” decisions? (Sep 30)
  195. Here’s a downside of a career change I didn’t expect. (Oct 1)
  196. The Indie Author Mindset: How Changing Your Way of Thinking Can Transform Your Writing Career (Oct 2)
  197. Unsee. How some memories are forever engrained in our minds. (Oct 3)
  198. re25: What was that tingle in the hairs on the back of your neck? (Oct 4)
  199. Today was not a good day (Oct 5)
  200. 2,200 Posts in 2,200 Days (Oct 6)
  201. Simple but not easy (Oct 7)
  202. Not Simple and Not Easy (Oct 8)
  203. I can’t, uh, decide! Which cover for the “Decide” book!? (Oct 9)
  204. As a non-fiction author, here’s an example of how we can repurpose our content in multiple ways. (Oct 10)
  205. re26: The school uniform and unleashing massive brain power (Oct 11)
  206. “Talking Business Now” Podcast with Kelly Scanlon “Discovering Your Extraordinary Talent Through Daily Habit (Oct 12)
  207. My idea of a good time (Oct 13)
  208. If you build it, they will come. What if you decide? Will they come, too? (Oct 14)
  209. Myths, Mischief, and Magic: Free Fantasy E-books (giveaway and chance to win a $50 gift card) (Oct 15)
  210. Decision-making, belief, and behavioral biases (Oct 16)
  211. Decide: There’s usually a choice. It’s usually yours. (Oct 17)
  212. re27: Indefatigable, indomitable, and the spanakopita (Oct 18)
  213. Meditation for Creatives (Oct 19)
  214. Going wide (really wide) with Every Single Day (Oct 20)
  215. Very little stability in my life at the moment. Oh, yes, well, except for that. #creativelystable (Oct 21)
  216. People remember how you finished not how you started (Oct 22)
  217. You know that little cottage in the woods where you’re supposed to find creativity? (Oct 23)
  218. Something to say and a way to say it so that people listen to it (Oct 24)
  219. re28: Math with a 14-year-old son, storytelling, and a pitch-black darkness in the forest. (Oct 25)
  220. Origin (Oct 26)
  221. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Oct 27)
  222. Can you create an ad for your book … before you write it? (Oct 28)
  223. I recorded an 11-second video 4 years ago that’s the foundation of my next book. (Oct 29)
  224. Lacking creativity? Tune into your radio frequency. (Oct 30)
  225. NaNoWriMo 2018 (Oct 31)
  226. It’s fun to be number one (“Decide” at #1 in Motivational Self-Help on Amazon) (Nov 1)
  227. Charlie Holiday at #1 in multiple categories on Amazon (Nov 2)
  228. Just one crystal clear idea per day (Nov 3)
  229. Are you working on another book? (Nov 4)
  230. The Distraction (Nov 5)
  231. Bonus content, workbook, extras, freebies, groups, courses … what do readers want in addition to the book? (Nov 6)
  232. Don’t wait 12 years. Please. (Nov 7)
  233. re30: Don’t wait 12 years (Nov 8)
  234. Aliving, Surviving, and Thriving — Thankful for where you areAliving, Surviving, and Thriving — Thankful for where you are (Nov 9)
  235. Fire (Nov 10)
  236. It’s not only for you and your kids but your grandkids … and beyond. (Nov 11)
  237. Is there anything possibly worse than not starting the project? (Nov 12)
  238. If you have this one trait on your résumé, I’m already more interested in hiring you. (Nov 13)
  239. Oops. That’s what I forgot: a story. (Nov 14)
  240. re31: Is your story in the prison of the past? (Can we set it free?) (Nov 15)
  241. The One Recipe Cookbook (and how to finish a project together with your kids) (Nov 16)
  242. The 17th: New Year’s Resolutions in November (Nov 17)
  243. Focus: What’s the one thing you need to do over the next month? (Nov 18)
  244. Spark: It’s about creating something from nothing. Let’s create a subtitle, shall we? (Nov 19)
  245. Best books for doing activities with your kids, creating family memories, and building relationships between parents and children (Nov 20)
  246. This is what happens when you read Chris Fox’s “Six Figure Author” and do the exercises. Or at least one of them. (Nov 21)
  247. re32: The book together with the kids isn’t the thing. (Nov 22)
  248. The 1/4″ drill bit, Bali, cocktails on the beach, love, pride, and Spark (Nov 23)
  249. Sparklers (Nov 24)
  250. People like us do things like this (Nov 25)
  251. Why Spark? Why me? Why you? Why now? (Nov 26)
  252. What if I’d like to be one of the people like you who do things like that? (Nov 27)
  253. Creating creates more creativity … even while driving a car (Nov 28)
  254. re33: What if we counted using a different measurement? (Nov 29)
  255. Permission to … change my book title? (Nov 30)
  256. Embers (Dec 1)
  257. Write a book with your kids? 43 elements for success. 42 are optional. (Dec 2)
  258. It seems like backwards math, but by creating, we are actually “getting” more than we are “giving.” (Dec 3)
  259. The Widow and the Orphan (Dec 4)
  260. Spark Love: About that 1 mandatory element of the 43… (Dec 5)
  261. re34: You want to invite your child into your world. But how? (Dec 6)
  262. People want to create (Dec 7)
  263. Recipe for Love (Dec 8)
  264. Probably the best Christmas gift ever. (Dec 9)
  265. Kids need to crash their bikes to learn how to ride. (Dec 10)
  266. Do something daring, find tribe, write book. (Dec 11)
  267. 2019 is going to be different. AKA: the mountain goat. (Dec 12)
  268. re35: The Unique Chemical Formula for Love (Dec 13)
  269. This is Marketing (Dec 14)
  270. “Yes, you played a pretty awful first half. But … ” Growth mindset in 12-year-old basketball players. (Dec 15)
  271. Without you, it would have just been me (Dec 16)
  272. Spark (Dec 17)
  273. Authors on the Air (Dec 18)
  274. Spark at “#1 New Release in Parent Participation in Education” (Dec 19)
  275. re36: If you do not create it, they will not come. (Dec 20)
  276. Spark has hit #1 in Parenting in Free Books (Dec 21)
  277. I don’t want to navigate negativity. (Dec 22)
  278. Here’s what I’m giving my nieces for Christmas (Dec 23)
  279. It’s a time of giving. Did you give something to yourself? (Dec 24)
  280. Spark Campfire (Dec 25)
  281. When you document it, it becomes more real (Dec 26)
  282. re37: Spark Campfire Pre-Launch Interview with Niece (Dec 27)
  283. It takes as long as the time allotted (Dec 28)
  284. Food Hangover (Dec 29)
  285. Living Well radio program on Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG (Dec 30)
  286. Not me, but us. Not I, but we. (Dec 31)
  287. 2019, are you ready for us? (Jan 1)
  288. How much does your past affect your future? (Jan 2)
  289. re38: Up for a challenge? (Jan 3)
  290. If I hadn’t had my book available as a podcast, this might have never happened. (Jan 4)
  291. Happiness is jetlag + Kindle + WiFi (Jan 5)
  292. The Angel of Death (The Soul Summoner Book 3) (Jan 6)
  293. Becoming Magic: A Course in Manifesting an Exceptional Life (Book 1) (Jan 7)
  294. It’s never too late to make the right decision (Jan 8)
  295. Believe what you want to believe (Jan 9)
  296. re39: Take responsibility or play the victim. It’s usually up to you. (Jan 10)
  297. The Taken (The Soul Summoner Book 4) (Jan 11)
  298. Art Matters: Because Your Imagination Can Change the World (Jan 12)
  299. Don’t Wait to be Discovered (Jan 13)
  300. 2,300 Posts in 2,300 Days (Jan 14)
  301. What are you scared of? Do that. (Jan 15)
  302. Feeling stuck? Bogged down? Pop that boil, let it out, create. (Jan 16)
  303. ESD 46: What’s Beyond Every Single Day? (Jan 17)
  304. Rocky Balboa and why you need to tell your story. (Jan 18)
  305. I had changed me and the world around me changed. (Jan 19)
  306. The Block (Jan 20)
  307. Which reality do you choose? (Jan 21)
  308. Toastmasters Speech Collection (Jan 22)
  309. Snow (Jan 23)
  310. re41: Balancing Real Life with the Real Life (you want to have) (Jan 24)
  311. It’s January 25. Time to throw out the New Year’s Resolutions (Jan 25)
  312. There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle. (Jan 26)
  313. If you can do this one thing, you can, apparently, solve all of your miseries. (Jan 27)
  314. A gigantic pain in the ass (Jan 28)
  315. Who knew that the secret to success, happiness, and connection was hidden in Spiderman on the PlayStation? (Jan 29)
  316. What’s the one little spark going to be that sets off the creativity in you (or your child)? (Jan 30)
  317. re42: The train pass and daily frustration transformed into regular happiness (Jan 31)
  318. OK, here it comes on Feb. 1: 2019 New Year’s Resolutions (Feb 1)
  319. Spark Campfire February 2019 (Feb 2)
  320. The Power of Chicks (Feb 3)
  321. Farewell, Chizumulu. You were warm, sweet, and in the past. (Feb 4)
  322. Everyone is born a genius (Feb 5)
  323. Find someone who believes he is alone and convince him that he is not. (Feb 6)
  324. re43: Cobwebs on the factory floor, downloads from above, and creating from a higher consciousness (Feb 7)
  325. Well, wait a minute. That wasn’t so hard. (Feb 8)
  326. There is only the dance (Feb 9)
  327. Someone out there could use the help from the you of today (Feb 10)
  328. Ask and you shall receive. But you do ask, right? (Feb 11)
  329. Do you know what type of leader you are? (Feb 12)
  330. Just Stop (for the Day) (Feb 13)
  331. re44: Erin Attwood on building your audience, daring to ask, and putting together an online interview series (Feb 14)
  332. “Why me?” versus “Why not me?” (Feb 15)
  333. How I transformed a sloppy idea into a speech (Feb 16)
  334. “Lose the Weight” or “Lose the Wait”? (Feb 17)
  335. Media Multiplied (Feb 18)
  336. I just got off the phone with my niece (and why that’s important). (Feb 19)
  337. I’m pretty sure I just made the world a better place (and it only cost me $4). (Feb 20)
  338. re45: I can check things off and make myself feel accomplished (Feb 21)
  339. How to structure your non-fiction (Feb 22)
  340. Where is the line between doing it yourself in finding a mentor? (Feb 23)
  341. Out of my comfort zone and making the ask (Feb 24)
  342. So, what do you think? (Feb 25)
  343. The Power of Chicks (free audiobook signup page, post-interview series) (Feb 26)
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  345. re46: Ask: I’m so glad you asked that question. I had that question too. (Feb 28)
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  543.  (Sep 20)
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  548.  (Sep 25)
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