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Lucky (to Write) Every Day

Lucky (to Write) Every Day

It doesn’t take energy, it provides energy.

It’s not a push, it’s a pull.

Wow. 2,000 posts in 2,000 days. Some might say, “Wow, awesome!” or “That’s insane!” or even “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

I would answer, “Yes, it’s awesome, yes, I’m insane (but in a good way), and yes, I have better things to do.

The better thing I have to do is to write a better post tomorrow. Better than the one I wrote today. To make the next book better than the last. To start a new series with new characters, to start a new podcast (oops, did that last week).

To keep on living the dream that I have created for myself and to make it better with each and every single day.

This maybe sounds silly by now, but I need to create a new post where I’ll keep posts 2,001 to 3,000 and it has to have a title. I already have:

  1. Write Every Day
  2. Keep Writing Every Day

Every Single Day, I type into my browser address bar “keep … ” and this page comes up. Then I edit it, yes, manually, and add today’s post and make a link.

If I think about how I feel about writing every day, here are a few words that come to mind:

  • Lucky
  • Thankful
  • Grateful
  • Blessed
  • Fortunate
  • Allowed
  • Privileged
  • Living my Dream
  • Mexican Fisherman

Although I’m not a big fan of the word “luck” I do like it and believe that luck is created and not so much found on the street corner. If I think about what word I’d like to type into the address bar of my browser bar every day, it’s a fun one. I’m into fun. I’m into light. I’m going with Lucky.

Here we go.

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  5. The Power of Eight (Mar 25)
  6. “There’s a spark within me that has been relit.” (Mar 26)
  7. Are you a gardener or a mortician? (Mar 27)
  8. Amazon (Audible) Kindle Whispersync for Voice (Mar 28)
  9. Every Single Day audiobook is on its way! (Mar 29)
  10. LiaBraThoCha: Do you listen to the voices that come to you in the silence of the deep morning? (Mar 30)
  11. Amazon, Wattpad, Instafreebie, BookFunnel, Goodreads … where’s the best place to find new readers? (Mar 31)
  12. Youx (Apr 1)
  13. Youx Cubed (Apr 2)
  14. What if you had dreams. Then you achieved them. Then you went beyond them. Now what? (Apr 3)
  15. Oops, my own podcast is playing on my Sonos speakers in my living room. (Apr 4)
  16. Pick up the phone. Step out of the house. Make the connection. (Apr 5)
  17. A day without writing is like … night. (Apr 6)
  18. Worse Together (Apr 7)
  19. (Not So) Quiet Before the Storm (Apr 8)
  20. This creative relationship is a two-way street. (Apr 9)
  21. Just a little more pain for a lot more freedom. (Apr 10)
  22. Every Single Day: Weight Loss (Apr 11)
  23. If you change just one person, do you make a tiny change in the world? (Apr 12)
  24. I just submitted “Every Single Day” to IngramSpark! (Apr 13)
  25. Victoria? I’m sorry, but I’ve met someone else. Her name is Morena. (Apr 14)
  26. Lucky Writing Socks (and how to build a prosperous partnership) (Apr 15)
  27. Book Cover Research for Top 10 Teen & Young Adult Fantasy & Supernatural Mystery eBooks (Apr 16)
  28. Florence (Apr 17)
  29. Don’t leave me near the “upload to Amazon” button … (Apr 18)
  30. What does “The Blank Page” mean to you? (Apr 19)
  31. Who wants to play? (Apr 20)
  32. There’s no substitute for just doing it. Publishing with IngramSpark and Amazon. (Apr 21)
  33. Why my “Every Single Day” book as audiobook is even more exciting than the print or ebook. (Apr 22)
  34. Why the “Follow” button for Amazon authors is important–and how Giveaways can make them work. (Apr 23)
  35. Driehoek (Apr 24)
  36. Escape the “comfortable” and arrive at a “freedom from decision making.” (Apr 25)
  37. Raw Relationships Interview: Finding your passion and living it! (Apr 26)
  38. Overcoming Personal Fear. Bradley Charbonneau on The Wealth Standard Podcast (Apr 27)
  39. Remember, the sun is shining behind the clouds. (Apr 28)
  40. You know when clarity strikes. (No, really, you do.) Work it, milk it, use it. (Apr 29)
  41. Looking for Audiobook Reviews? Audiobook Boom (Apr 30)
  42. Alchohol is fun, but this is more fun. (May 1)
  43. Because I’m not going to read your book like this–but I’ll listen to it. (May 2)
  44. Surreal Scene of Past, Present, and Future (May 3)
  45. Natural wonder to the rescue of overwhelm. (May 4)
  46. How can there possibly be more? Then there’s more. (May 5)
  47. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. (May 6)
  48. Indie author gets real paper books onto physical bookstore shelves! (May 7)
  49. Back to Kite Hill: Where it all began. (May 8)
  50. I can do that again, but I might not be able to do this again. (May 9)
  51. Is your past holding you back? (May 10)
  52. The steak keeps cooking on the plate. (May 11)
  53. When you travel, do you open your eyes? (May 12)
  54. Quick: one word to describe when you just arrive home. (May 13)
  55. The noblest art is that of making others happy. (May 14)
  56. When you’re building a business, keep in mind how long it might take to dismantle it. (May 15)
  57. Tag. You’re It. (May 16)
  58. 5 Reasons Nonfiction Authors Should Narrate Their Own Audiobooks (May 17)
  59. Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money – That You Don’t Learn in School! (May 18)
  60. Could audiobooks be the secret media to reach your kids’ minds? (May 19)
  61. Your audiobook playing in a stranger’s living room? Crazy, I know. (May 20)
  62. Here’s how to beat your kid’s screen addiction. (May 21)
  63. 5 Reasons Nonfiction Authors Should Hire a Professional Narrator for their Audiobooks (May 22)
  64. How $14.38 confirmed my future audiobook publishing strategy. (May 23)
  65. re006: One Thing (May 24)
  66. Bye Bye Chiweta. It’s been fun and real, but no longer real fun. (May 25)
  67. Expert Enough: Even if you know just a little more, you can help. (May 26)
  68. Feeling stuck? Maybe it’s time to take it to the next level. (May 27)
  69. What do you really want? (May 28)
  70. You read your books out loud for editing anyway, right? (May 29)
  71. Why aren’t my books in the library? (May 30)
  72. re007: Happy as a Dog (May 31)
  73. Free online tool to add meta tags and image tag to MP3 file (Jun 1)
  74. Save $1,800, make your Mac Mini blazing fast, and save the life of a … fish. (Jun 2)
  75. Could this be the secret to the Golden State Warriors success? (Jun 3)
  76. Audio for Authors Course Sales Page (Jun 4)
  77. Avondvierdaagse. AKA: Let’s walk together 10 km per evening over the next 4 days. Just because. (Jun 5)
  78. A Kiss to Tremble the Heart (Jun 6)
  79. How to create a new podcast episode using Castos Podcast Hosting (Jun 7)
  80. Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work (Jun 8)
  81. Every Single Week (Jun 9)
  82. The oddball reason I want my audiobooks on Storytel (Jun 10)
  83. Add Audible book to your purchase for just $1.99 (Jun 11)
  84. Do you have an update available for your Kindle book? (Jun 12)
  85. Writing to market? Let’s find your markets–and those to avoid. (Jun 13)
  86. Thursday (Jun 14)
  87. Start writing here … (Jun 15)
  88. Oh, but I can. (Jun 16)
  89. Utrecht (Jun 17)
  90. Possibly the easiest $50 you might never get. Introducing the Audible Bounty. (Jun 18)

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