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Decide to Spark

Decide to Spark

The hardest part of your journey is done.

My books overlap.

Life is one big Venn diagram.

Spark is in full swing (at least with the beta group!). We have books being published, covers being created, and general mayhem amid the mystery.

Bit of malaise in there, too.

Because some of us haven’t quite decided to spark.


“Now I’m going to do this thing.”

“Now it’s more the snowball.” Now we’re on the backside of the mountain. Gaining in weight and energy and power.

This is my note to my Spark campers on a rainy, dark morning walking Pepper in the woods.

Decide is the peak. It’s the pinnacle and from there, it’s downhill–but downhill in that good sense of it where you have gravity on your side, the snowball grows, and the hardest part of your journey is done.

Let me run that by you again in case you missed it. In case you’re not quite at the summit of the mountain and are wondering what’s so great about being on the other side. Here you go.

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