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The Silent Treatment

I spent 10 days at a silent meditation retreat so ... you don't have to.

Lose weight, get focus, boost creativity, and wake up fresh.

The Silent Treatment: Every Single Day

The Silent Treatment: Every Single Day

I survived a 10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat. No talking, reading, writing, no nada. 10 Days. This is what happened.

The Skinny

(Get it? This is about losing weight and The Skinny also means “The Summary.” I know, the laughs are just starting. This is, by the way, the type of insanity that I experienced after 10 days of silence. Pretty much everything was funny … OK, OK, I’ll stop.)

I put together an infographic because people regularly ask me what I got out of the 10 days of torture, I mean, of peaceful solitude and I can’t seem to answer briefly. So much happened in those 10 days.

  1. Did I reach enlightenment? Not that I know of.
  2. Did I find a deeper understanding of the universe and my place in it? Well, yeah, kinda.
  3. Did I talk with a deer. Yes.

But the “side effects” of such an endeavor were what are often most interesting to people I tell about it. You see, I’m into side effects, unexpected benefits, and accidental victories.

This is just a teaser, an hors d’oeuvre, a taste of what Every Single Day is all about. I’m not as interested in the 10-day challenge as I am in the long-term habits we can start from such an experiment.

Check out the infographic and let me know what you think. If you’d like to see more about the ESD Philosophy, stay connected with me and join my Advance Reader Team and be the first to get your hands on new books and other exclusive loot.

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P.S. I’m filing this under “Travel” because I went somewhere for 10 days, I’m just not sure where it was.

10 Day Silent Meditation

Vacuum packed into 10 Minutes of an Infographic
Let Me Have It!

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