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30 Love

30 Love

For 30 days, I’m going to be nice to a plant by talking to it. Oh, I’m also going to be mean to another one.

We’ll see what happens.

This experiment is inspired by Sudanya Mallick (I’ll link to her new book when she has it … for sale).

I’ll update this post each day for the next 30 days.

Here we go.

Day 1

30 Love (or Hate)
30 Love (or Hate)

Day 2 | Happy & Gloomy

Day 2 | Happy Birthday (well, not to you)

Day 4 | Meet Your New Neighbor

Day 5 | Rainy, Gloomy, with a Chance of Love

Day 5

Day 6 | I Love You (well, not you, but you there)

I Love You

Day 7 | Water

Day 8 | Unconditional Love

Day 9, 10, and 11 | My Wife Shares the Love–and Hate

I went to a writer’s conference for 3 days in London so my wife said she talked to the plants but she didn’t record it. We’re just going to have to believe her.

Day 12 | We’re Back in Action

Day 13 | I’m a Powerful Being

Day 14 | Taking Up Space

Day 15 | Sacrificial Lamp

Day 16 | Quarantine

Day 17 | Lovable

Day 18 | Exponential Love

Day 19 | Extended Love

Day 20 | Distance

Day 21 | Water and Sick People

Day 22 | Every Single Day

Day 23 | Is it the distance or the intention?

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