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Repossible | Kids

Repossible | Kids

I have a system to change “who I am.” I have two teenage boys.

The more I play with Repossible and especially the newly-minted tagline “Who will you be next?” I think about how applicable it is to more and more audiences.

Yes, “targeted marketing guru” that I am, I know I want to best niche down and narrow the audience for which Repossible is relevant.

Usually, I’m headings towards Liz. She’s my 42-year-old, married, mother of two, who lives in the suburbs, really wants to be a _____________ (pick your dream profession, for her, it’s a writer), hasn’t done it because “life got in the way,” and is living day by day wondering what life event will trigger this massive change in her.

Here’s where I have recently changed my perspective on this whole “transform who you are” thing.

A friend of mine has changed careers several times in her life. I’m always curious as to what it will be next. I might say it like this, “Who will she be next?”

She’s smart, thorough, and I know her choice will be well thought through and yet still exciting in some fresh new way. #sofun She’s been a consultant, worked in/for government, and then was a cook and most recently ran a small restaurant/food business. How exciting is that?

I look up to her and relish in her next move. It’s fun to vicariously live it.

Here’s the secret.

I doubt (I don’t know, but I doubt) she plans this next “version of herself” as something that will be “forever.” Maybe she thinks, “Ach, how about 7 years?”

This is how I see: Who Will You Be Next?

As adults, it doesn’t have to be The Rest of Your Entire Life on the Planet.

As kids, maybe it’s from 16 to 18 or even just “Who will you be while you’re 16?”

Who is that ideal version of your own self?

Who do you want to be?

Not the rest of your life.

Not just today.

But the next version of you.

Who will you be next?

Photo by Mike Scheid on Unsplash

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