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Keep Writing Every Day

Keep Writing Every Day

I hit 1,000 posts in a row. I think I’m going to blow out the numbered bullets, so I’m starting a new page.

For posts 1,001 and on I'm looking for story. This photo is just overflowing with story [Grand Canyon, Arizona]

For posts 1,001 and on I’m looking for story. This photo is just overflowing with story [Grand Canyon, Arizona]

I wonder if I can start bullets with 1,001? I’ll find out. Those are my worries these days. Not whether or not I can write every day, or if I’m a writer or not or I can handle something for 30 days in a row. After writing for 1,000 posts in a row, I feel like I can pretty much do anything.

I do feel like these next 1,000 (or however many I do, it’s less important than it used to be because I know I can do it) will be different. How different? I don’t know. I don’t really care. If I go through the amount of transformation that I went through from 1 to 1,000 as I will from 1,000 to 2,000, I’m ready.

But that’s like asking someone, “Hey, you just achieved your dreams and even some dreams you didn’t know you had. Are you ready to do it again and achieve more dreams you didn’t know you had–and then some?”

Uh, yes, please. Here we go. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Who else is Writing Every Day? Or at least talking about it …

Now onto the list, starting at 1,001.

  1. Keep Writing Every Day (Jun 25, 2015)
  2. If it were ________, then everyone would do it. (Jun 26)
  3. Stayer Cycling (Jun 27)
  4. I’m never going to forget this night. No, really. Ask me in 20 years. (Jun 28)
  5. Use photos as writing prompts. (Jun 29)
  6. 3 Seconds Early and 2 Hours Late (Jun 30)
  7. You know what I don’t miss about San Francisco? (Jul 1)
  8. Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels (Jul 2)
  9. Should I sell on Amazon Kindle or create a PDF? (Jul 3)
  10. MacBook Air or iPad or Microsoft Surface (Jul 4)
  11. iPads, iPads Everywhere! (Jul 5)
  12. The Top City Guide Apps (Jul 6)
  13. Sacrifice (Jul 7)
  14. Turkish Delight (Jul 8)
  15. 1 taxi, 2 women, 3 guys with badges. What just happened? (Jul 9)
  16. The Post I’m Scared to Write (Jul 10)
  17. Want fanatically loyal customers? What you can learn from a Dutch supermarket. (Jul 11)
  18. Should you auto-update plugins and themes? (Jul 12)
  19. Tech Tip: Sleep On It (Jul 13)
  20. Sunset Basketball (Jul 14)
  21. Switching from BackupBuddy to Updraft Plus (Jul 15)
  22. My dad is always with me. (Jul 16)
  23. Last Chance European WiFi with iPhone Personal Hotspot (Jul 17)
  24. Vacation where the locals vacation: Laid Back Schiermonnikoog (Jul 18)
  25. How to put out a fire in Istanbul in 4 steps … or are there only 2 steps? (Jul 19)
  26. Do you know for certain who you’ll connect with? No. So just try. (Jul 20)
  27. Apple Photos: where are my photos? (Jul 21)
  28. High five moves up to third place in international greetings (Jul 22)
  29. San Fran Sunny Valley … huh? How much does product quality matter? (Jul 23)
  30. Discovery Cube (Jul 24)
  31. Which takes more thought: packing for a 4-day trip or a 4-week trip? (Jul 25)
  32. Less effort and more results? How can it be? (Jul 26)
  33. Know What You Want (Jul 27)
  34. The ultimate wedding photographer’s camera? (Jul 28)
  35. 6 Simple Tricks when Renting out your Home (Jul 29)
  36. A double take at the bathroom decision. So where do I pee? (Jul 30)
  37. Where is Baby Bear? (Jul 31)
  38. A Writer’s Business Plan (Aug 1)
  39. A Writer’s Activity Log (Aug 2)
  40. What’s In It For Me? (Aug 3)
  41. Can you write about your 8-year old boy’s adventures and earn passive income, build a massive email list and ramp up your Twitter followers to 10,000+ in a weekend? (Aug 4)
  42. Are iPad rules strict or is it like horseshoes where “almost” counts? (Aug 5)
  43. You’re reaching out to the channels you know. But what about the ones you don’t know about? (Aug 6)
  44. 4 Out of 5 Surgeons Don’t Recommend This (Aug 7)
  45. The difference between a sale and a non-sale could be a smile. (Aug 8)
  46. The Surefire Strategy to Fail at Guest Posting (Aug 9)
  47. I just sent my first potential client to … Squarespace. (Aug 10)
  48. Less Resistance and More Persistence (Aug 11)
  49. Write in the same place and at the same time every day. (Aug 12)
  50. Write in a different place and at a different time every day. (Aug 13)
  51. Make money, teach your kids math, and clean the house … at the same time. (Aug 14)
  52. A Fresh Start. Literally. (Aug 15)
  53. Warning: self-improvement experiments can be contagious. (Aug 16)
  54. My chinchilla peed on my keyboard so I couldn’t work on my novel today. What’s your favorite excuse for not writing? (Aug 17)
  55. No hoodies? (Aug 18)
  56. I think my son is doing LSD. He’s 11. Is that OK? (Aug 19)
  57. Write what you want to read. (Aug 20)
  58. Are you a writer? (Aug 21)
  59. The Fox and the Cat (Aug 22)
  60. Someone should do something about that. (Aug 23)
  61. Don’t be the easiest target for WordPress hackers. (Aug 24)
  62. My day was really busy so I must have gotten a lot done. (Aug 25)
  63. I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say. (Aug 26)
  64. I’m not going to buy your print book. (Aug 27)
  65. 1.) Learn Something. 2.) Take Action. (Aug 28)
  66. What I would really, really like is … (Aug 29)
  67. How to not catch any fish with a plastic bag, a stale granola bar and no WiFi. (Aug 30)
  68. If you don’t fail, can you still learn? (Aug 31)
  69. 8 Reasons to Write First Thing in the Morning (Sep 1)
  70. Repossible Submission Guidelines (Sep 2)
  71. Simple Page Ordering: Drag and Drop Your WordPress Pages (Sep 3)
  72. A Billionaire by the Pool with a Cocktail and a Book (Sep 4)
  73. Is your child a picky eater or just spoiled rotten? (Sep 5)
  74. You’re not going to remember this conversation. (Sep 6)
  75. Could a video game addiction be the source of anxiety so fierce that it causes a headache and dizziness? In an 11-year old? (Sep 7)
  76. What to do when someone asks for a favor? Ask for one back. (Sep 8)
  77. If a thing isn’t in its place, it’s lost. (Sep 9)
  78. Migrating from cPanel to Managed WordPress Hosting (Sep 10)
  79. Video and audio files breaking your cell phone data allowance? Dropbox favorites. (Sep 11)
  80. First drafts are always excellent. With wine. How about some editing for dessert? (Sep 12)
  81. Real Writers Use Scrivener (Sep 13)
  82. Is it deadly or is it beautiful? (Sep 14)
  83. Pure and Simple: How to Simplify Your Life, Do Less, and Get More (Sep 15)
  84. How I Earned $3,987 in Passive Income from a Single Post (Sep 16)
  85. If your To Do List is longer than your arm, it’s no longer a To Do List: it’s a burden. (Sep 17)
  86. Kids fighting all the time? This solution is guaranteed to work. (Sep 18)
  87. Because it just might surprise you what people like (and don’t). (Sep 19)
  88. One step back and two steps forward is greater progress than two steps forward. (Sep 20)
  89. What I learned from a tiny rubber band about weight loss, writing, and healing your body. (Sep 21)
  90. NaNoWriMo 2015. I’m in. Are you? (Sep 22)
  91. From the Decluttering Trenches: Celebrate the Small Wins (Sep 23)
  92. If you had the luxury of doing only one thing, what would it be? (Sep 24)
  93. Kids running late for school? Here’s a word problem so complex they’ll be early for the next two years. (Sep 25)
  94. Is the book you want to write already on Amazon? (Sep 26)
  95. How are book sales? Zero? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any books for sale. (Sep 27)
  96. Punished severely or rewarded handsomely. Is it a risk you’re willing to take? (Sep 28)
  97. Squarespace Site Hacked! (Sep 29)
  98. Can we bring back the dead? No, not THAT kind of dead! (Sep 30)
  99. License Manager for WOO Commerce (Oct 1)
  100. 1,100 Posts in 1,100 Days (Oct 2)
  101. How do you make your free giveaway something that people actually want? (Oct 3)
  102. Don’t have time? Here are 12 minutes you might have overlooked. (Oct 4)
  103. Who cares about the stuff nobody cares about? (Oct 5)
  104. Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards (Oct 6)
  105. The Secret of Kite Hill Book Sales Page (Oct 7)
  106. So you’d like to blog, then podcast about the blog, monetize the podcast with a course that has a membership component, accept PayPal and credit cards and invite affiliates to help market your services. Uh huh. (Oct 8)
  107. Caution: If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you. (Oct 9)
  108. What makes a strong logo? (Oct 10)
  109. Break your time up into “seasons.” (Oct 11)
  110. Oh no! Brute Force Amplification Attacks Against WordPress (Oct 12)
  111. This is what passive income (really) looks like. (Oct 13)
  112. What does a professional email address look like? (Oct 14)
  113. Who do you associate more with: the writer or the podcaster? (Oct 15)
  114. How do you know if what you’re doing is working? (Oct 16)
  115. Dogs greet each other by sniffing each other’s butts. (Oct 17)
  116. 1,000 miles from land, the sea is covered in a dome of stars. (Oct 18)
  117. If dinner is white bread and sliced processed American cheese, will the nutritionists yell at me? Not if I’m 101-years old. (Oct 19)
  118. The Whisper of Passion is Relentless (Oct 20)
  119. Unlimited small WordPress jobs for $79 per month. (Oct 21)
  120. Where do I paste my coupon code for Google Apps for Work? (Oct 22)
  121. Dr. Linda Tucker Takes it to the Next Level (Oct 23)
  122. Stop running and start thinking. (Oct 24)
  123. If you’re not measuring, how do you know if you’re progressing? (Oct 25)
  124. Thinking about taking an online course? Do this first and save lots of money. (Oct 26)
  125. NaNoWriMo 2015: Getting revved up for Markree Castle Part 2! (Oct 27)
  126. The “All Purpose Sauce” is actually the “No Purpose Sauce.” (Oct 28)
  127. The ideal client is the one who listens to us. (Oct 29)
  128. How is Taking Off your Clothes like Writing Every Day? (Oct 30)
  129. It’s not (always) about what you’re interested in, it’s about what they’re interested in. (Oct 31)
  130. (Not) Chapter One of The Key to Markree Castle: It’s not a secret if you know what it is. (Nov 1)
  131. Ch. 2: Blind as Bats (Nov 2)
  132. I’m going to need you to step away from the keyboard, sir. (Nov 3)
  133. Ch. 3: Wait, what? (Nov 4)
  134. Ch. 4: Are we going to tell our parents about what we’re doing? (Nov 5)
  135. Ch. 5: I don’t know why I know, but I know that you know. (Nov 6)
  136. Ch. 6: You can’t try this at home. (Nov 7)
  137. Ch. 7: Going Incognitus (Nov 8)
  138. Story Arc for The Key to Markree Castle (Nov 9)
  139. Ch. 8: What can you see when you’re not looking for it? (Nov 10)
  140. Ch. 9: Everything I know I learned from Donald Duck (Nov 11)
  141. Ch. 10: Keys, puzzles, moonlight and, finally, yogurt. (Nov 12)
  142. Markree Castle Book Launch Checklist (Nov 13)
  143. Ch. 11: No one awake but a couple of kids (Nov 14)
  144. The Secret of Markree Castle (Book Sales Page) (Nov 15)
  145. Ch. 12: Sausages, bacon, eggs and no WiFi (Nov 16)
  146. Ch. 13: Who knows who and who cares? (Nov 17)
  147. Ch. 14: St. Nicholas, Booger Burgers and the Down of a Thistle (Nov 18)
  148. Ch. 15: Gravestone Garden (Nov 19)
  149. Ch. 16: Waking up is hard to do. Unless, of course, there are fries. (Nov 20)
  150. Ch. 17: It might be a game to you, but it’s not to us. (Nov 21)
  151. Ch. 18: Does anything actually happen around here or do we just talk about it? (Nov 22)
  152. Ch. 19: What could possibly be better than jewels, gold and glittery treasure? (Nov 23)
  153. Ch. 20: The first thing we do, let’s uninvite all of the parents. (Nov 24)
  154. Ch. 21: The long walk to freedom (Nov 25)
  155. Ch. 22: Pieces of the puzzle are coming together. But what’s the puzzle? (Nov 26)
  156. Ch. 23: The unknown versus the known. (Nov 27)
  157. Ch. 24: It doesn’t always make logical sense. Sometimes, you just have to go with it. (Nov 28)
  158. Ch. 25: This is the worst day of my life (again). (Nov 29)
  159. Ch. 26: We are family. (Nov 30)
  160. The Key to Markree Castle Book Sales Page (Dec 1)
  161. 7 Things You May Not Have Known About NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) (Dec 2)
  162. Submit your book for pre-order on Amazon (Dec 3)
  163. Ch. 27: Castle Burgers with a side of Bog (Dec 4)
  164. Ch. 28: Upside-down ladders and distant brothers (Dec 5)
  165. Ch. 29: Sibling rivalry isn’t only among 9- and 11-year olds (Dec 6)
  166. What’s a threat to your daily habit? (Dec 7)
  167. Ch. 30: No time for patience (Dec 8)
  168. Using a Thunderclap Campaign to Promote a Book Launch (Dec 9)
  169. Gleam Giveaway (Dec 10)
  170. 2 days, 49 supporters, 91,923 social reach and the most important number: 0. Thunderclap book launch campaign from a math guy’s perspective. (Dec 11)
  171. Recognize Your Paradise (Dec 12)
  172. So, why do I need Photoshop when there’s Canva? (Dec 13)
  173. Which book cover do you like better for “The Key to Markree Castle”? (Dec 14)
  174. Just a handful of things on my calendar today. (Dec 15)
  175. This can’t be work. This is way, way, way too much fun. (Dec 16)
  176. Is your WordPress uploader asking for your FTP login information? (Dec 17)
  177. “The Key to Markree Castle” book hits #1 on Amazon! (Dec 18)
  178. Li (Dec 19)
  179. Lu (Dec 20)
  180. Dec (Dec 21)
  181. Dan (Dec 22)
  182. How much to do you want it? (Dec 23)
  183. Own Your Fear (Dec 24)
  184. Is the best Christmas gift taking something away? (Dec 25)
  185. 2 comedians, 1 source of material. 1 was funny, 1 was not. How does that add up? (Dec 26)
  186. How long do you hold onto mementoes? (Dec 27)
  187. “I remember more when I listen to a book.” (Dec 28)
  188. Long Live Imagination (Dec 29)
  189. Late Christmas gift for your child? How about a Kindle? (Dec 30)
  190. Shake it Off (Dec 31)
  191. Every. Single. Day. (Jan 1, 2016)
  192. Being Nowhere (Jan 2)
  193. Unused creativity is not benign. (Jan 3)
  194. Permission Marketing (Jan 4)
  195. Working Business Plan for 2016 (Jan 5)
  196. Reduce security risks with automated plugin updates from (Jan 6)
  197. Now, never, or later. Pick one. (Jan 7)
  198. Have a New Teenager by Friday (Jan 8)
  199. Don’t treat your WordPress hosting like an insurance policy. (Jan 9)
  200. 1,200 Posts in 1,200 Days (Jan 10)
  201. When you rent out your house on AirBnB, you don’t expect this. (Jan 11)
  202. Divi, I’m trying to like you. No, no, it’s not you. It’s me! (Jan 12)
  203. What do you get when you mix a witty writer with an ingenious illustrator? (Jan 13)
  204. This morning’s incident won’t hit any news. It’s too good. (Jan 14)
  205. Do our thoughts have any influence on events of the future? (Jan 15)
  206. What tools would you use if you built it for yourself? (Jan 16)
  207. Follow a Leader (Jan 17)
  208. The Body (Jan 18)
  209. Quitters, Inc. (Jan 19)
  210. How can you plan for the future when you don’t know what it’s going to be like? (Jan 20)
  211. Make A Killing On Kindle (Jan 21)
  212. Amazon wants you to “Select seven search key phrases.” (Jan 22)
  213. We all harness creativity. The question is how much we let escape. (Jan 23)
  214. Creativity diminishes in relation to the amount of external input. (Jan 24)
  215. Here’s how to know when you should write a How To post (Jan 25)
  216. It’s January 26. How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? (Jan 26)
  217. Clarity (Jan 27)
  218. “At first, no one is good and that’s what practice is for.” And other words of wisdom from a 13-year old. (Jan 28)
  219. 40 seventh graders wrote and illustrated comic books for a school project. So? (Jan 29)
  220. (Don’t) make every day the best day ever. (Jan 30)
  221. It’ll get done someday. (Jan 31)
  222. Because you never know who’s lurking. (Feb 1)
  223. This is what starting out looks like. (Feb 2)
  224. I’m not satisfied with “fine.” (Feb 3)
  225. The day will start better if you start your day. (Feb 4)
  226. That first step is so, so hard. Like diamond hard. (Feb 5)
  227. You can reupload your ebook again and again. But you have to do it a first time. (Feb 6)
  228. Our Abuse department has received a report regarding malware being hosted on your account. (Feb 7)
  229. Be the Best at One Thing (Feb 8)
  230. Want to truly learn something? Learn it through your kids. (Feb 9)
  231. Low-cost alternatives to Golden State Warriors tickets (Feb 10)
  232. If I had a nickel … (Feb 11)
  233. Amazon is updating the Kindle reading experience. What to look for from a writer’s perspective. (Feb 12)
  234. Now I can smell Christmas, it’s almost here. (Feb 13)
  235. Format your book for Smashwords (Feb 14)
  236. If you can’t figure it out, chances are that others can’t either. (Feb 15)
  237. Need incentive to live your dream? (Feb 16)
  238. Interview the Up and Coming (Feb 17)
  239. Is it perfect yet? Oh, it might be too late. (Feb 18)
  240. Ellaprint (Feb 19)
  241. Unkraut sterben nie (Feb 20)
  242. Make it impossible to misunderstand. (Feb 21)
  243. Look around less, imagine more. (Feb 22)
  244. It’s February 23. How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? (Feb 23)
  245. You have to believe it before you can see it. (Feb 24)
  246. Do you have an exit strategy? (Feb 25)
  247. Longing for Simplicity (Feb 26)
  248. Advice to a 12-year old writer (Feb 27)
  249. You can make stuff. Make films. Draw. Write. It’ll make a world of difference. (Feb 28)
  250. Older kids want longer books. (Feb 29)
  251. Trust (Mar 1)
  252. So if time is flying, are we having fun? (Mar 2)
  253. Books, like diamonds, are forever. (Mar 3)
  254. Do you talk funny? (Mar 4)
  255. First Draft … Bookstore & Bar (Mar 5)
  256. A walled garden is great … if you’re in the garden. (Mar 6)
  257. Are you making the time? (Mar 7)
  258. Squarespace, “It’s just so easy.” (Mar 8)
  259. When everything is highlighted, nothing is highlighted. (Mar 9)
  260. If you have to ask, at least ask lightly. (Mar 10)
  261. Breaking News: The Secret of Kite Hill accepted to the Smashwords Premium Catalog (Mar 11)
  262. Do you really know your customer’s pain? (Mar 12)
  263. Would you spend $4,000 to make $40,000? (Mar 13)
  264. Do you learn from your mistakes? (Mar 14)
  265. There Isn’t Only One Expert Out There (Mar 15)
  266. The Project Hopper (Mar 16)
  267. Don’t get taken hostage (by your website developer). (Mar 17)
  268. We will no longer accept paper checks (and why you shouldn’t either). (Mar 18)
  269. I need an agent. (Mar 19)
  270. Early morning ideas are no longer made up of the same substance by evening. (Mar 20)
  271. I no longer care about how technology works. I just want it to work. (Mar 21)
  272. Feeling locked up? Tied down? The freedom of being keyless. (Mar 22)
  273. Longing for simplicity. (Mar 23)
  274. If you had to rename your company, what would it be? (Mar 24)
  275. When do you actually “do” what’s on your to “do” list? (Mar 25)
  276. When are you a kid in a candy store? (Mar 26)
  277. It’s bulky, it’s kind of expensive, but it’s worth every penny and every inch of storage it takes up. (Mar 27)
  278. No one cares but you. (Mar 28)
  279. Best place to renew your passport if you live in San Francisco. (Mar 29)
  280. Are you ready for when it actually happens? (Mar 30)
  281. Know you’ll get better. (Mar 31)
  282. I’m giving up writing and going back to client management and web design. (Apr 1)
  283. The Gift of Markree Castle (Apr 2)
  284. Practice (Plus Passion) Makes Perfect (Painlessly) (Apr 3)
  285. Looking to solve writer’s block? Here’s how: you’re just not allowed to have it. (Apr 4)
  286. What’s the worst thing you can do to your lungs? (Apr 5)
  287. Is the pen mightier than the sword? Not if you’re playing Dragon Ball on the iPad. (Apr 6)
  288. Plan how you’ll end something … before you start. (Apr 7)
  289. Dream about singing or sing about dreaming? (Apr 8)
  290. My child only eats chicken nuggets. (Apr 9)
  291. Are you a thunderbolt or a light rain? A sprinter or a marathoner? (Apr 10)
  292. What do you do when you can’t make your old life go away fast enough. (Apr 11)
  293. Need to organize lots of pages on your site? (Apr 12)
  294. 73-9 (Apr 13)
  295. Hi, nice to see you! Yeah, I don’t do that anymore. (Apr 14)
  296. If your child is frustrated with piano, try this simple trick. (Apr 15)
  297. Does worrying help? (Apr 16)
  298. This is a special occasion, so it’s OK. (Apr 17)
  299. You won’t hear about this on Facebook. (Apr 18)
  300. 1,300 Posts in 1,300 Days (Apr 19)
  301. I updated to Avada 4.0 and this happened. (Apr 20)
  302. Cut the ties that are weighing you down. (Apr 21)
  303. Who does black & white graphics anymore? Sanveo site built in Avada. (Apr 22)
  304. Loss leaders, sales, flea markets and 12-year olds who want new shoes. (Apr 23)
  305. Do we remember everything we learn? (Apr 24)
  306. Do you know what makes your kids laugh? (Apr 25)
  307. Novelist launches new book and new website using Avada. (Apr 26)
  308. Moving? Putting stuff in storage? Organize your boxes with Google Spreadsheets. (Apr 27)
  309. Do memories matter? (Apr 28)
  310. This is today. How does that compare to a year from now? (Apr 29)
  311. Starting a business? Plan your exit strategy. (Apr 30)
  312. How to turn a car rental return into Dim Sum. (May 1)
  313. If it feels this good, it must be right. (May 2)
  314. Do you pee when you sneeze? (May 3)
  315. What Would My Virtual Assistant Do? (May 4)
  316. What I want for my birthday I already am. (May 5)
  317. How long until the Lord of the Flies kicks in? (May 6)
  318. How do you perceive empty? (May 7)
  319. Where there’s a way there’s a will. (May 8)
  320. Should you write if you don’t feel like it? (May 9)
  321. Patti Conklin (May 10)
  322. Which part of “No.” did you not understand? (May 11)
  323. How to instill creativity in your children in three not-so-easy steps. (May 12)
  324. Putting stuff into storage? This one tip could save you headache, worry and money. (May 13)
  325. Li & Lu Landing Page (May 14)
  326. Book in a Box (May 15)
  327. Don’t Kiss Them Good-bye (May 16)
  328. A Free Pass to Breathe (May 17)
  329. I can see the light (bulb). (May 18)
  330. Happy Birthday, Dad. (May 19)
  331. Social Media is (also) about being in the right place at the right time. (May 20)
  332. The boys are moving out. Can you help them find a place of their own? (May 21)
  333. Go from High Maintenance to No Maintenance (May 22)
  334. If you have 827 things to focus on, which do you focus on? (May 23)
  335. San Francisco acupuncturist goes with Avada (May 24)
  336. New senior living development chooses Avada (May 25)
  337. Unlock your phone (before you move abroad) (May 26)
  338. Bedtime Math (May 27)
  339. If you don’t like red light cameras, don’t run red lights. (May 28)
  340. If you work for 12 hours straight, but don’t notice much progress, does it still count? (May 29)
  341. The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles (May 30)
  342. Can you walk away from your WordPress developer? (May 31)
  343. Was it worth it? (Jun 1)
  344. Is there life after the city dump? (Jun 2)
  345. I know enough to know that I don’t want to know anymore. (Jun 3)
  346. F*#@kin’ Mosquitoes. Where do kids learn language? (Jun 4)
  347. If you’re doing what no one else is doing, are you a leader or a loser? (Jun 5)
  348. Sell Before You Buy (Jun 6)
  349. “Group my items into as few shipments as possible.” AKA, the end of retail. (Jun 7)
  350. If you don’t know the outcome, how much effort should you put into it? (Jun 8)
  351. Bye Bye San Francisco (Jun 9)
  352. Day Zero (Jun 10)
  353. Is your brand sending out mixed messages? (Jun 11)
  354. It’s your last day in the United States. Where do you go for lunch? (Jun 12)
  355. We’re moving to Europe today. Here’s how (and why) that happened. (Jun 13)
  356. Being a foreigner gives you kindling to start conversations (that you otherwise might never have had). (Jun 14)
  357. Transfer Your Number to Google Voice (Jun 15)
  358. Sorry, I moved to Squarespace! (Jun 16)
  359. Engel: Dutch mother (Ise Hoes) writes a book together with her daughter. (Jun 17)
  360. How little can you live with? (Jun 18)
  361. Out of your rhythm? Get back in it or start from scratch? (Jun 19)
  362. The thought of changing terrifies me because I might get everything I ever wanted, and along the way I might lose everything I have. (Jun 20)
  363. There is no courage without fear. (Jun 21)
  364. Thinking about selling WordPress themes? (Jun 22)
  365. The creative input and output balance. Is your creative process optimized? (Jun 23)
  366. What have you created in the past 16 years? (Jun 24)
  367. Each frame of the comic book page is full screen on your Kindle. Introducing: Kindle Panel View (Jun 25)
  368. 10 Euros and I’m online, on my laptop, in the car using the Personal Hotspot on my phone, while I also make a phone call within Europe. (Jun 26)
  369. Brexit: Be careful what you wish (or vote) for. (Jun 27)
  370. How to make friends, get a job and influence your children’s future. (Jun 28)
  371. My best friend is Koen, my second best friend is Milan, my third best friend is Itsa. (Jun 29)
  372. Are you confident enough to say that you don’t know? (Jun 30)
  373. What if everything had a splash of fun? (Jul 1)
  374. Museumkaart: 60 Euros gets you into more than 400 museums for a year. What’s the catch? (Jul 2)
  375. Could the Kindle be the iPad killer? (Jul 3)
  376. What if you told us what you really think? (Jul 4)
  377. Signs and signals, nudges and winks. If there are forces guiding our path, are we listening? (Jul 5)
  378. Morning person or night owl? Maybe you’re a bit of both. (Jul 6)
  379. The destination is not the goal. The goal is not the destination. (Jul 7)
  380. I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. (Jul 8)
  381. You can’t take your attention from something. You have to give your attention to something else. (Jul 9)
  382. Struggle with decision making? This might help. (Jul 10)
  383. Just Get On the Plane (Jul 11) [posting from in the airplane somewhere over S.E. Asia!]
  384. How I found the solution to life in a supermarket in Malaysia. (Jul 12)
  385. Don’t put your life on auto-renew. (Jul 13)
  386. Smoking zone, loading zone, reading zone. Which have you never seen before? (Jul 14)
  387. It doesn’t matter what your product is as long as your target audience wants it. (Jul 15)
  388. There’s no WiFi in the jungles of Borneo (Jul 16)
  389. You know what your logo signifies. But do your potential customers? (Jul 17)
  390. Know what’s expected of you? Do a little more. Just in case. (Jul 18)
  391. Why I ditched my MacBook Air for a Chromebook. (And how I’m surviving.) (Jul 19)
  392. Molong (Jul 20)
  393. You can give up or get creative. (Or: How to write when offline on a Google Chromebook.) (Jul 21)
  394. Can your thoughts become beliefs? Why stop there? (Jul 22)
  395. Before you help others, you need to help yourself. (Jul 23)
  396. News Flash: The Rafflesia is in Bloom! (Jul 24)
  397. Please Don’t Pee on the Floor (Jul 25)
  398. Instant Arrival at the Destination Discounts the Value and Fun of the Journey (Jul 26)
  399. No, really, you can adapt. (Jul 27)
  400. 1,400 Posts in 1,400 Days (Jul 28)
  401. 8 Reasons to Bring a Kindle for your Kids on your next Vacation (Jul 29)
  402. Don’t use a feature of your services as your business name. (Jul 30)
  403. Diamonds in the South China Sea (Jul 31)
  404. Packing for your vacation? Don’t forget this. (Aug 1)
  405. Upstream with a Paddle (Aug 2)
  406. Turn Your Ship Around (Aug 3)
  407. Flow: Downstream with a Paddle (Aug 4)
  408. “This trip has me grappling with my privilege.” (Aug 5)
  409. Is what happens and what you think happened the same? (Aug 6)
  410. Google Keep (Aug 7)
  411. Whatever you do, don’t make popcorn in the urinal. (Aug 8)
  412. Size Does Matter: Road Rules (or lack thereof) in Cambodia (Aug 9)
  413. You can’t appreciate a 5-star hotel if you don’t know what a 1-star feels like. (Aug 10)
  414. Recognize Bliss (Aug 11)
  415. Can you name your company whatever you want? (Aug 12)
  416. Possibility of Visit (Aug 13)
  417. Dear 12-year old son, I want to tell you all of my secrets. (Aug 14)
  418. You probably shouldn’t really name your company this. (Aug 15)
  419. You’re away from home. What do you miss? (Aug 16)
  420. Vitamix Alternatives in Europe (Aug 17)
  421. WordPress 4.6 is out and I don’t care. (Aug 18)
  422. The Charm of Cambodia (Aug 19)
  423. The elevator won’t come faster if you press the button multiple times. (Aug 20)
  424. Stop. Exhale. Celebrate progress. (Aug 21)
  425. Writing Tip #298: Don’t read the news. (Aug 22)
  426. Wake Me for Duty Free: The Evolution of Airline Travel (Aug 23)
  427. Day 3: I accidentally left my car unlocked last night and this is what happened. (Aug 24)
  428. 7 Reasons to Take Your Family on a Group Travel Holiday (Aug 25)
  429. “Do not stop at the end.” And other words of wisdom from an escalator sign in Kuala Lumpur. (Aug 26)
  430. The Dutch American Friendship Treaty (Aug 27)
  431. Don’t forget where you started. It might come in handy at some point. (Aug 28)
  432. In a few days, Elegant Themes is releasing Divi 3. Should you care? (Aug 29)
  433. Day 9: “Hier woont Luca. We officially exist.” (Aug 30)
  434. How do you know if success is just over the next hill? (Aug 31)
  435. Be Prepared to Get Wet if it Rains (Sep 1)
  436. If you need to get, then it’s time to give. (Sep 2)
  437. How much energy do you spend justifying what you’re doing? (Sep 3)
  438. Runners: when you’re running, does it matter which path you take? Left or right? (Sep 4)
  439. When you come full circle, are you back to where you started? (Sep 5)
  440. When people ask you how you do something that for you seems so normal and for them so not, how do you explain? (Sep 6)
  441. Day 17: “Hey Bradley!” Fame, fortune and a that warm, fuzzy feeling. (Sep 7)
  442. So, for “Write Every Day,” do I really truly need to write every day? (Sep 8)
  443. Day 19: “Waar woon je eigenlijk?” Aha, so this is how a 12-year old does a modern playdate. (Sep 9)
  444. Interest (Sep 10)
  445. Curiosity (Sep 11)
  446. “All is the same here.” (Sep 12)
  447. Somebody’s Got Talent (Sep 13)
  448. This is what you should do after meditation. (Sep 14)
  449. Day 25: Remove the threat, reduce the fear. (Sep 15)
  450. Tomorrow I’m going to do something that will take me out of my comfort zone. (Sep 16)
  451. Because writing is not the same as talking, thinking or doing. (Sep 17)
  452. If you see what you want, you get what you see. (Sep 18)
  453. Don’t count your failures. Count your successes. (Sep 19)
  454. Unlimited income potential with reseller hosting! (Sep 20)
  455. Bye bye Chipyela. I didn’t love you and I won’t miss you. (Sep 21)
  456. All I Need is One (Sep 22)
  457. Better Safe than (Really) Sorry (Sep 23)
  458. Where are your fans? (Sep 24)
  459. Just when you thought you were all set with managed WordPress hosting …. (Sep 25)
  460. Why put your work out there? (Sep 26)
  461. What’s wrong with this picture? (Sep 27)
  462. How far are you willing to go with your brand? (Sep 28)
  463. I’m technically on “vacation” but I am going to sneak away to do a little “work.” (Sep 29)
  464. “Everybody Welcome” in Germany (Sep 30)
  465. Want to really freak your kid out? Try this. (Oct 1)
  466. Do you know what time of day you’re most effective? (Oct 2)
  467. Day 43: Independence Day (Oct 3)
  468. Kevin Ferguson Consulting Revamped with Avada (Oct 4)
  469. If vision is 20/20 in hindsight, what is it for the present? (Oct 5)
  470. Here’s what can you learn from 12-year olds playing basketball to help you succeed. (Oct 6)
  471. Do best-selling books need a book sales page? (Oct 7)
  472. Do the Dutch read books on e-readers? (Oct 8)
  473. Is there life after PS4? (Oct 9)
  474. “You might grow up to be president one day.” has lost its allure. (Oct 10)
  475. Back Home to a Foreign Country (Oct 11)
  476. Leren Leren: Do we need to learn how to learn? (Oct 12)
  477. You can lead a horse to water, but … (Oct 13)
  478. The old “Build an IKEA cabinet at 6:45 am” technique. (Oct 14)
  479. Book Sales Pages that Sell Books (Oct 15)
  480. Because “Every other day plus weekends” is too complicated. (Oct 16)
  481. Senior Living Community Chooses Avada for new WordPress Theme (Oct 17)
  482. Try this math: dog + phone = weight loss + self improvement + unconditional love (Oct 18)
  483. Could Facebook be a simple collaboration tool? (Oct 19)
  484. The Comedy About A Bank Robbery (Oct 20)
  485. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Oct 21)
  486. London: Dark Blue Suits, Beers and Bicycles (Oct 22)
  487. Learning is Cumulative (Oct 23)
  488. Why your Book Sales Page should have an FAQ (even if you don’t have any Q’s at all!). (Oct 24)
  489. I Couldn’t Resist (Oct 25)
  490. How much is that crystal ball in the window? (Oct 26)
  491. May I look into your eyes for two minutes? (Oct 27)
  492. Doctor Strange (Oct 28)
  493. The $20,335 Recurring Passive Income Post (Oct 29)
  494. The Obstacle Is the Way (Oct 30)
  495. “Halloween will be here waiting for you when you come back.” (Oct 31)
  496. Is guilt a waste of time emotion? (Nov 1)
  497. Did ElegantThemes Divi’s Visual Builder help make WordPress fun again? (Nov 2)
  498. The brilliant gamification of NaNoWriMo–and how to write every day. (Nov 3)
  499. If you don’t want to change, you don’t have to. (Nov 4)
  500. 1,500 Posts in 1,500 Days (Nov 5)
  501. Maybe escapism isn’t such a bad thing. (Nov 6)
  502. How one app has rocketed me to Rockstar Dad. (Nov 7)
  503. How To Choose a WordPress Theme (Nov 8)
  504. If you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. (Nov 9)
  505. Day 81: You can take the boy out of California but you can’t take the California out of the boy. (Nov 10)
  506. Day 82: It’s -1 degree celsius and they want you to come outside. It’s OK, it’s worth it. Here’s why. (Nov 11)
  507. Laughing–out loud–at your own creations can cure the soul. (Nov 12)
  508. The only productivity tip you’ll ever need. (Nov 13)
  509. If progress were easy and painless, everyone would do it. (Nov 14)
  510. The Cruise Ship & The Sailboat (Nov 15)
  511. Day 87: Dare to accept the occasional odd request. (Nov 16)
  512. The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults (Nov 17)
  513. The Happiest Kids in the World (Nov 18)
  514. Forget Every Single Day. What if your kids wrote once in a while? (Nov 19)
  515. Now I understand why underdogs win–and why people root for them. (Nov 20)
  516. If you don’t keep score, how do you know who won? (Nov 21)
  517. I took a dare and taught a 7th grade biology class today. (Nov 22)
  518. Father on the front page of Mamalode magazine … for moms! (Nov 23)
  519. Celebrate slowly killing off your past. (Nov 24)
  520. What if your readers wanted to know just a little bit more about your characters? (Nov 25)
  521. Today is a whole lot easier to see as yesterday than as tomorrow. (Nov 26)
  522. Don’t take a step out of your comfort zone, take a leap. (Nov 27)
  523. How do you know if you’re going in the right direction? (Nov 28)
  524. 5 words I’ve been waiting 5 years to say. (Nov 29)
  525. What does a Post Office and a Domain Registrar have in common? (Nov 30)
  526. RTFM (Dec 1)
  527. What can you do in 2 minutes that might take someone else 2 hours? (Dec 2)
  528. Yes, you can do it all. (Dec 3)
  529. Oh wait, that’s already been written about. (Dec 4)
  530. Two is Better than One. In fact, Two is Better than One Plus One. (Dec 5)
  531. Your child’s personality just changed (for the worse). What did they eat? (Dec 6)
  532. When “Going Through the Motions” is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged. (Dec 7)
  533. If you could practice more, would you? (Dec 8)
  534. You got them to visit your site. Now, what would you like them to do? Introducing the Call To Action. (Dec 9)
  535. Stuck getting your WordPress site live? Have you thought of Squarespace? (Dec 10)
  536. Let Others Help You (Dec 11)
  537. You’re not going to find time because time isn’t lost. (Dec 12)
  538. Gravity Forms vs. Google Forms (Dec 13)
  539. Does a book trailer help you sell more books? (Dec 14)
  540. You do well in practice. How well do you do when it’s game time? (Dec 15)
  541. Better Together (Dec 16)
  542. If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It (Dec 17)
  543. How do we make decisions? (Dec 18)
  544. Should you give away a chapter of your book for free? (Dec 19)
  545. What if you had one decision less to make Every Single Day? (Dec 20)
  546. The Author Bio: Make it personal, but it’s really about them, not about you. (Dec 21)
  547. If you expect magic in every encounter, you find it. (Dec 22)
  548. Use the tools you have on hand. (Dec 23)
  549. You can run, but you can’t hide. (Dec 24)
  550. Coast (Dec 25)
  551. Kobo, and LeesID. Help! Amazon, take me away! (Dec 26)
  552. Survival vs. Creation: When you’re creating, you’re in the present. (Dec 27)
  553. Thinking about what you’re going to write and writing about what you’re thinking isn’t the same thing. (Dec 28)
  554. Focus on THAT while quietly, secretly focusing on THIS. (Dec 29)
  555. I motivated him to start. He was inspired to stay. (Dec 30)
  556. A Writer’s Business Plan for 2017 (Dec 31)
  557. Make Your Own News (Jan 1, 2017)
  558. Can we name our company anything we want if it’s the greatest name ever? (Jan 2)
  559. Book Launch Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to a Bestselling Launch (Jan 3)
  560. What to Expect When You’re Unexpecting (Jan 4)
  561. What if we spent less time making decisions? (Jan 5)
  562. When you understand the what and the why, the how gets easier. (Jan 6)
  563. Could it be that Write Every Day is not enough? (Jan 7)
  564. Sure, you’re inspired. But who might you inspire? (Jan 8)
  565. What can I do for you, dad? (Jan 9)
  566. Just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. (Jan 10)
  567. The Perfect Afternoon (according to a 10-year old) (Jan 11)
  568. Am I just too conservative for the video games that are out there now? (Jan 12)
  569. Is the best WordPress backup solution … no backup solution? (Jan 13)
  570. Suggest, no, tell, no, force your kids to learn where things come from. (Jan 14)
  571. You do it even when you don’t want to do. (Jan 15)
  572. Are you unintentionally giving your kids (digital) heroin? (Jan 16)
  573. Once you write a book, you get to do this. (Jan 17)
  574. What passions do you share with your kids? (Jan 18)
  575. The Observation Deck (Jan 19)
  576. This is a Regular Day. Or is it? (Jan 20)
  577. Can you really make a difference? (Jan 21)
  578. 5 sliders! 8 styles of block quotes! 829 fonts! 27 header layouts! Unlimited configurations! (Jan 22)
  579. GoDaddy acquires Manage WP and now WP Curve. What gives? (Jan 23)
  580. My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do. (Jan 24)
  581. Oh baby, it’s cold outside. (AKA: No one will notice if we don’t do this.) (Jan 25)
  582. Have you tried looking right in front of you? (Jan 26)
  583. You know those things that you don’t know about, but once you learn about you wonder how you did without it? (Jan 27)
  584. How much is the current effort worth in terms of future possibilities? (Jan 28)
  585. Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. (Jan 29)
  586. Too Many Options (Jan 30)
  587. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice. (Jan 31)
  588. Whoa. Picture Quote on the Kobo reader is a hidden gem to share book highlights easily and beautifully. (Feb 1)
  589. Thursday Thunder (Feb 2)
  590. You hear what the other side says, but do you listen? (Feb 3)
  591. That’s just life in the big city. (Feb 4)
  592. If your book was available on audio, this might have happened to you. (Feb 5)
  593. What if you could free up your brain to put your creativity into turbo overdrive? (Feb 6)
  594. Who ya gonna call? (Feb 7)
  595. I’m going to Spain for the weekend and I’m not going to apologize. (Feb 8)
  596. TT01 – Simple, but not easy. No, it’s easy, but not simple. Wait, I know … (Feb 9)
  597. You’re saying so much that I don’t know what you’re trying to say. (Feb 10)
  598. Could the Book Sales Page be a key to setting your creative beast free? (Feb 11)
  599. Caminante (Feb 12)
  600. 1,600 Posts in 1,600 Days (Feb 13)
  601. It’s going to be a big, big hit. (Feb 14)
  602. “Would you rather be a cactus or a lizard?” (Feb 15)
  603. TT02 – We can do this the easy way or the hard way. (Feb 16)
  604. Do you know what time of day your kids are most effective? (Feb 17)
  605. Sell them what they want, give them what they need. (Feb 18)
  606. Practice is Perfect (Feb 19)
  607. Divi’s global templates sync your content automatically! (Feb 20)
  608. Looking for better SEO traffic to your site? Share the Love. (Feb 21)
  609. Introducing the Time Release Candy Dispenser for your kids! (Feb 22)
  610. TT03 – Fear. If you’re not safe, you can’t create. (Feb 23)
  611. I know you don’t care. Hell, I barely care. But it needs to be documented. (Feb 24)
  612. The (Really) Hard Sell (Feb 25)
  613. How are we introduced to what’s new? How do we learn? (Feb 26)
  614. “French is useless.” A look into the mind of a 13-year old. (Feb 27)
  615. The power of a memorable tagline. (Feb 28)
  616. If I can make one person feel this, I’m golden. (Mar 1)
  617. TT04 – Is travel at least as important as formal education in raising well-rounded young adults? (Mar 2)
  618. Kane and Abel (Mar 3)
  619. unGlue: Everything you need to teach your kids how to balance their online time. (Mar 4)
  620. Now I understand what lazy people feel like. (Mar 5)
  621. We can only talk around the idea until you experience it. (Mar 6)
  622. Does the popularity game really matter in the WordPress theme world? (Mar 7)
  623. What are you giving away BESIDES your book? (Mar 8)
  624. TT05: Do you stand up for what you love? (Mar 9)
  625. Are you a shotgun or a sniper in your book marketing? (Mar 10)
  626. 10-Day Writing Challenge (Mar 11)
  627. Dear 13-year old, this is proof we parents should still make (most of) your decisions. (Mar 12)
  628. Is Squarespace more expensive than WordPress? (Mar 13)
  629. Bargain Booksy (Mar 14)
  630. Turn Your Blog into a Book (Mar 15)
  631. TT06: Come on out and play. (Mar 16)
  632. Every morning for weeks now, I wake up to this racket! (Mar 17)
  633. One simple reason promoting your book on the new Amazon Marketing Services is better than Facebook ads. (Mar 18)
  634. You’ll never again say, “Oh well. Another day where I didn’t get it done.” (Mar 19)
  635. This is how you live to 103 years old. (Mar 20)
  636. The right thing will happen in the right way at the right time. (Mar 21)
  637. The Secret of Kite Hill (Book Sales Page) (Mar 22)
  638. TT07: Have you found your voice? No, not THAT one! The other one. (Mar 23)
  639. What if we had a fraction of the curiosity and focus of a dog? (Mar 24)
  640. I don’t want to read the manual. (Mar 25)
  641. Does your child have the brain capacity to remember what’s on the math test? (Mar 26)
  642. Yes, I want you to make up, fabricate and invent reviews for your book. Here’s why. (Mar 27)
  643. Are you giving away a free taste? (Mar 28)
  644. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business (Mar 29)
  645. TT08: How do you measure success? (Mar 30)
  646. Q1 2017 Progress Report (Mar 31)
  647. The real secret to waking up early. (Apr 1)
  648. Study Every Single Day (Apr 2)
  649. Watch me magically create a book cover in less than 3 minutes. (Apr 3)
  650. All I did was … (Apr 4)
  651. Write out, as fast as you can, 10 potential headlines for your book. No editing, no second-guessing, just get them out. (Apr 5)
  652. TT09: You ask yourself, “What’s holding me back?” But could the question be, “Who’s holding me back?” (Apr 6)
  653. Just get on the bike. (Apr 7)
  654. Wie blijft rustig wint. (Who keeps calm wins.) (Apr 8)
  655. 8 Reasons to Write First Thing in the Morning (Apr 9)
  656. How to land an interview with famous people by featuring them in your book … that isn’t written yet. (Apr 10)
  657. Ik vind het niet leuk. (Apr 11)
  658. How strong is the fence that’s holding you back? (Apr 12)
  659. TT10: 7 Reasons Why I’m Envious of My Dog (Apr 13)
  660. Who would your fictional character be? (Apr 14)
  661. Trajectory: How important is the decision you make today on your future? (Apr 15)
  662. How hard are you willing to look? (Apr 16)
  663. Every Single Day launches on October 17, 2017! (Apr 17)
  664. To see how much I’ve improved, I’m going to record how bad I am right now. (Apr 18)
  665. Is your book launch date “Someday” or a little more concrete? (Apr 19)
  666. TT11: Is travel the answer? (Apr 20)
  667. How often do you hear the phrase “Every Single Day” in conversation? (Apr 21)
  668. The “less publicized” reason the Dutch are the happiest kids in the world. (Apr 22)
  669. Ch. 1: Maze Runner in Firenze? The walls are closing in on me and the eyes are watching. (Apr 23)
  670. Do you sometimes eat in restaurants where you never want to leave and in fact wouldn’t mind owning or at least having another glass of wine? (Apr 24)
  671. Ch. 2: Is seeing believing or do you have to believe it to see it? (Apr 25)
  672. Ch. 3: If this is a game, I’m losing. (Apr 26)
  673. TT12: Can we bend time? (Apr 27)
  674. Ch. 4: Maybe it’s time to go. (Apr 28)
  675. Ch. 5: Do you believe in something greater than yourself? (Apr 29)
  676. April 2017 To Do & Done (Apr 30)
  677. Ch. 6: This is what intuition feels like. (May 1)
  678. Looking for a mercenary or an assassin? (May 2)
  679. If you gamify your course, you might increase the completion rate for your students. (May 3)
  680. TT13: The secret to a long and healthy life? It lies in the Three P’s. (May 4)
  681. This is what happens when you give a kid a camera. (May 5)
  682. Waiting to be invited for that interview? Or to write a guest post? Or maybe just to a party? Try this. (May 6)
  683. The Prodigal Daughter (May 7)
  684. It’s not “Before” or “After.” This must be “During.” (May 8)
  685. Ch. 7: So this is how it starts. (May 9)
  686. This is how a fictional character is born. (May 10)
  687. TT14: What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? (May 11)
  688. How daring can you be with your branding? Would you name your company this!? (May 12)
  689. Of course you don’t need an editor. Wait, is there a comma after “Of course”? (May 13)
  690. You want to contact me? Don’t send it by email. (May 14)
  691. The Long Game or “How To Make A Million With Your Books” (May 15)
  692. Now that MailChimp offers free automation, how does it compare to MailerLite? (May 16)
  693. Nee Nee (May 17)
  694. TT15: Yes, you can force the Flow State. Here’s how. (May 18)
  695. Do you have to pay to play? (May 19)
  696. Can you name your company something that you “feel”? (May 20)
  697. You know those things you never seem to get done? What if you could get them done? (May 21)
  698. Meditation is the single thing that has helped me create Every Single Day for the past 1,698 days in a row. (May 22)
  699. How do you know if you’re ready to make “The Leap”? (May 23)
  700. 1,700 Posts in 1,700 Days (May 24)
  701. TT16: What do you think is easy but others think is difficult? (May 25)
  702. Capitalize on your Knowledge (May 26)
  703. Do you know what makes you happy? (May 27)
  704. How many times can you ask yourself, “Would that work for me?” without doing anything about it? (May 28)
  705. The Mouse in the Maze (May 29)
  706. What if you opened up your mind? To the public? (May 30)
  707. This is how creativity falls into my imagination. (May 31)
  708. TT17: May 2017 To Do & Done (Jun 1)
  709. What are the minimum elements you need for a starter Book Sales Page? (Jun 2)
  710. ABC Girls Chapter 1: The kids, the husbands in Spain, the orange juice, the dead body, the car in the shop, and the hairdresser. (Jun 3)
  711. If an animated book cover could help you sell one more, is it worth it? (Jun 4)
  712. This is what happens when you don’t take ESD. (Jun 5)
  713. How serious are you? For your sake, I hope not too much. (Jun 6)
  714. What if “travel” had nothing to do with location? (Jun 7)
  715. TT18: What happens when you give a writer a laptop, 3 women, and a Radler. (Jun 8)
  716. ABC Girls Chapter 2: Cold-blooded killer or mold-studded pillar? (Jun 9)
  717. Unknowing Majestic Mystic (UMM) Ch 1: Science has to be right all of the time. Magic only has to be right once. Or twice. (Jun 10)
  718. Unknowing Majestic Mystic (UMM) Ch 2: There comes a time when a decision has to be made. Well, someone does. Ideally not me. Gotta run! (Jun 11)
  719. Unknowing Majestic Mystic (UMM) Ch 3: Please be careful as passengers may have shifted during flight. (Jun 12)
  720. A Mini Book Sales Page Example (Jun 13)
  721. When you hear about how a person changed her life, it changes your life. (Jun 14)
  722. TT19: It still comes down to the power of story. (Jun 15)
  723. Unknowing Majestic Mystic (UMM) Ch 4: This is probably going to end well. (Jun 16)
  724. Unknowing Majestic Mystic (UMM) Ch 5: Take me where I need to go. Show me what I need to learn. (Jun 17)
  725. When you’re a practitioner of Every Single Day, the “how” no longer matters. (Jun 18)
  726. Unknowing Majestic Mystic (UMM) Ch 6: Depth of Field (Jun 19)
  727. Theory is important, but action is crucial. (Jun 20)
  728. Sneak Peak: Every Single Day Table of Contents (Jun 21)
  729. TT20: Are you tuned in to your future? (Jun 22)
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  925. TT48: Serve yourself a healthy portion of silence every single day. (Jan 4)
  926. Who are your readers? Where do they hang out? How can you connect with them? (Jan 5)
  927. Your eyes can distinguish up to 1 million color surfaces and take in more information than the largest telescope in the world. (Jan 6)
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  942. Ja, maar wat als alles lukt? (Jan 21)
  943. The Rooster Bar (Jan 22)
  944. Are you sure you know the target audience for your book? Are you open to new audiences? (Jan 23)
  945. Breaking News! Well, at least for some people. Especially if you’re a sheep herder. (Jan 24)
  946. TT51: Are you willing to learn the tools of your trade? For audiobook recording and podcasts: Audacity or Audition? (Jan 25)
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  948. Is the new Goodreads Giveaways better than the old (free) one? Oh, and is the cost worth it? (Jan 27)
  949. Usually high-flying writer feels too grounded, walks on beach, solves everything. (Jan 28)
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  978. Define the world of your fictional story. Who is Charlie Holiday and what is the scope of his world? (Feb 26)
  979. “Was your career transition quick, smooth, and a clean break?” (Spoiler Alert: No, no, and no.) (Feb 27)
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  981. TT56: Remember that weekly thing? Yeah, it’s back. (Mar 1)
  982. Why do we keep reading, watching, playing? Story? Character? (Mar 2)
  983. When it’s not going right, do you know what’s wrong? (Mar 3)
  984. This is a guest post from Charlie Holiday. Yes, he’s a fictional character. No, I couldn’t stop him. (Mar 4)
  985.  What’s bigger than the fear of failure? The fear of starting. (Mar 5)
  986. When $18.99 makes you feel more professional, yeah, go for it. (Mar 6)
  987. All eggs in one basket? No. Many baskets, many eggs. (Mar 7)
  988. TT57: Charlie’s Story. HINT: no mermaids, no spies, no zombie apocalypse. (Mar 8)
  989. Do Instafreebie Group Giveaways work? And if they do, how so? (Mar 9)
  990. This is why I have no fear. (Mar 10)
  991. Happy Birthday, Dad. I sure miss you. Hey, I could use your help with something. (Mar 11)
  992. Let’s judge some books by their covers. (Mar 12)
  993. re001: Welcome to the Repossible podcast! (Mar 13)
  994. Can a (so-called) fictional character interview his author? (Mar 14)
  995. TT58: Oops, I started a podcast. (Mar 15)
  996. Could it be that things start really getting better for you when you stop focusing on you? (Mar 16)
  997. When the narrator is deeply connected to the author’s material. (Mar 17)
  998. re002: So you’ve achieved your goal. Yay! Now what? (Mar 18)
  999. re003: Better Together (Mar 19)
  1000. 2,000 Posts in 2,000 Days (Mar 20)

Wow. 2,000 posts in 2,000 days. Some might say, “Wow, awesome!” or “That’s insane!” or even “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

I would answer, “Yes, it’s awesome, yes, I’m insane (but in a good way), and yes, I have better things to do.

The better thing I have to do is to write a better post tomorrow. Better than the one I wrote today. To make the next book better than the last. To start a new series with new characters, to start a new podcast (oops, did that last week).

To keep on living the dream that I have created for myself and to make it better with each and every single day.

This maybe sounds silly by now, but I need to create a new post where I’ll keep posts 2,001 to 3,000 and it has to have a title. I already have:

  1. Write Every Day
  2. Keep Writing Every Day

Every Single Day, I type into my browser address bar “keep … ” and this page comes up. Then I edit it, yes, manually, and add today’s post and make a link.

If I think about how I feel about writing every day, here are a few words that come to mind:

  • Lucky
  • Thankful
  • Grateful
  • Blessed
  • Fortunate
  • Allowed
  • Priviledged
  • Living my Dream
  • Mexican Fisherman

Although I’m not a big fan of the word “luck” I do like it and believe that luck is created and not so much found on the street corner. If I think about what word I’d like to type into the address bar of my browser bar every day, it’s a fun one. I’m into fun. I’m into light. I’m going with Lucky.

For posts 2,001 to 3,000, head on over to Lucky (to Write) Every Day.


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