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Hey, let’s do this group thing that will benefit all of us! Are you in?

Hey, let’s do this group thing that will benefit all of us! Are you in?

I just did an experiment someone asked me to do because (1) they asked nicely and (2) it would benefit me too.

Simple, right?

Actually, it’s ridiculously simple.

If you ask someone to do something that maybe they don’t really want to do and it won’t benefit them in any way, well, maybe they’ll do it if:

  1. They owe you a favor,
  2. They look forward to you owing them a favor,
  3. It’s with your Aunt Hilda and she’ll do pretty much anything you ask her because she loves you,
  4. You buy them a doughnut,
  5. It’s the right time and place,
  6. It’s your lucky day.

Otherwise, probably ain’t gonna happen.

But what if the question benefitted you, the group, was kinda fun, was something you had never done before, and who knows, might open your mind a smidgen of a molecular fraction?

Sure! Why not? Where do I sign up?

Try it. Rules are simple:

  1. Ask a group,
  2. Be a part of that group,
  3. Benefit each member of the group,
  4. Benefit the one you’re asking.

I just realized that this sounds frighteningly like a Tupperware party or a multi-level marketing scam, but rest assured, it had to do with “clapping” for some posts on to … see what happens.

I’m pretty much the reigning welterweight* champion of “See What Happens” so I joined. It was fun. It helped me. It helped others. It’s all good.

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