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Every Single Day launches on October 17, 2017!

Every Single Day launches on October 17, 2017!
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It’s April 17. That’s exactly six months.

This is not so much a public post as it is an internal memo that I have a publish day. Every Single Day available on October 17, 2017. A few questions for the author:

  • Will I be ready then? Yes.
  • Are you ready now? No.
  • What are your plans between now and then? Get ready.
Every Single Day

Every Single Day

That’s the definition of a Launch Plan and a Deadline. There’s a plan to make it ready by a certain date. It’s very unlike me. But those are exactly the sort of real changes that I’ve experienced since living by the ESD methodology: change happens. No, I make change happen. Then change happens. Then more change happens and it’s easier, more powerful and automated. It’s like magic. It’s like LSD. No, it’s like ESP.


We’ll cover all that in the book. In the meanwhile, it’s time to get down and dirty with scary-for-mortal-author stuff like:

  1. Growing the launch team (both Influencers and Fans).
  2. Writing, interviewing, editing, re-writing, publishing.
  3. Building pre-launch publicity (guest posts, interviews on podcasts, etc.).
  4. Create marketing materials, shareables, etc.
  5. Catch up, do, and master the Book Launch Course I’m enrolled in and … never did much with. Now is the time.
  6. Dominate the Advertising for Authors course I’m learning so much from.
  7. Map it out in my own Self-Publishing Checklist course that we’re building on the fly as we take it from idea to action to done.
  8. Map it out with a schedule, deadlines, checklists, progress log and accountability partners.
  9. Keep track of financials, social growth, mailing list mastery and reach.
  10. Add more items to this list right here.

Make it real, keep a progress log and Get It Done. This is Day Zero.

Sound Daunting?


Here’s how I see things divided up.

  1. Hungry. You can’t wait to get started. It sounds like there’s a lot to do (there is a lot to do!) and you have the energy, curiosity, and stamina to get rolling. Part of you doesn’t know where this is truly leading, but you don’t really care, you don’t really want to know, and you just know you want to get this party started.
  2. I’m ready. I think. You’re not sure where this is leading, but you’re ready to jump aboard. There’s something burning in your belly and it might be a burrito, but it might be the butterflies that are ready to scatter and transport you into the unknown.
  3. Um. I have a question. If you’re hesitant, concerned or just plain scared, it’s OK. There’s always a next time. There’s always tomorrow. You can get started when you’re ready, when lightning strikes and when you feel like it.
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