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Can we become more creative?

Can we become more creative?
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Could it be possible that action inspires creativity?

Here’s the flow of the thought process:

A news piece talked about how robots would take over certain jobs in the future. Some of the best jobs that would be harder for robots to replace were jobs that involved creativity and imagination.

Happy me, Mr. Writer, right? Sure, great. But what about the gal who says, “But I’m just not creative.”

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe 1,804 days of Writing Every Single Day was just a fluke but can state with the utmost of certainty that I have become more creative through my every single day process of … trying to be more creative.

I write. It sucks. I write more. It sucks less. I try to write a creative something. It’s potentially awful. I write another one. It’s less offensive.

See the pattern?

Sure, there are people born with a creative gene. It just comes naturally to them. Or shall I say, it comes more naturally to them? What if we truly had creative bones in our body but we just weren’t exercising them?

I’ve been writing fiction for just a few years now. It started with the kids’ books but now it’s gone to an entirely different level. Honest to goodness, when I started Writing Every Day 1,804 days ago, I had pretty much zero ambitions about fiction. I thought I’d write about … traveling. Seriously.

Now I can’t stop. I’m in the flow. It has taken me over. I’m not even close to kidding. I write and it pours through me. That wasn’t happening 1,804 days ago.

Is it going to take you that long? Dunno. But Day One is going to hurt. Then Every Single Day will be better than the previous one.

Action creates creativity.

Even better: action creates focus and clarity. Focus and clarity and action provide you with more creativity that you knew you had in you.

Try me.

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