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Meditation is the single thing that has helped me create Every Single Day for the past 1,698 days in a row.

Meditation is the single thing that has helped me create Every Single Day for the past 1,698 days in a row.

Meditation is the single thing that has helped me create Every Single Day for the past 1,698 days in a row.

What might meditation do for you?

Spend 6 whole minutes and listen to what a handful of people have to say about meditation from this video created by an organization called New Perspectives. Yes, they’re famous, but I only think this video was made because if it were just a group of not-so-famous people, it would get less attention. Also, I find it difficult to explain meditation and the benefits of it to people who have no experience with it at all and some of the people in the video bring across a few simple points that get the message through.

Just six minutes. See what happens. Here are some excerpts.

‘Oh, I can’t meditate because I can’t clear my mind.’ The biggest misconception about meditation. You do not need to clear your mind, that’s impossible. Unless you’re enlightened or dead. — Dan Harris

I believe that, for some people, if they actually took a real pill, it would help them meditate because some people need that placebo response to believe that something can happen (without some external input).

It’s like a little pill, but it’s not a pill. It’s a practice. — Katy Perry

Here’s the full video:

Babies already have this and we don’t have to teach it to them. How can we get it back?

It’s not just finding quiet, it’s finding bliss. You see it in babies and we don’t have to teach it to them. — Hugh Jackman.

If your life is only “all of our comings and goings,” it might be time to get above it all.

It’s just a reminder that underneath all our comings and goings, our succeses and our failures, there is a deeper dimension to our lives.  — Arianna Huffington

Time flies when you’re having fun.

I thought, I’ll try this, even though I’m not good at meditating. It is the only time that I have that stillness. It’s the only time that I open my eyes and I’m sad that it’s 20 minutes later. — Ellen DeGeneres

Don’t make it your greatest regret. My regret? Honest and truly, I only wish I had found meditation earlier. Here’s Jerry Seinfeld.

I’ll tell you my greatest regret. I didn’t know the importance of that morning (transcendatal) meditation in those days. If I had two mediations, I’d still be doing the show now. I did not have the energy. I was painfully exhausted all the time. — Jerry Seinfeld.

Are you chasing your day?

If I don’t do it, I feel like I’m constantly chasing the day.  — Kobe Bryant

I’d have to agree with Jerry Seinfeld and say that my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. But that’s OK, I’ve started, I wouldn’t stop for anything, and like Katy Perry says, I have two days for every one day.

So, I’ve got that going for me.

Do you have meditation going for you?

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