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Every Single Day: Weight Loss

Every Single Day: Weight Loss
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Three guesses which one was my dinner from the photo.

I have a pretty good guess as to your first reaction: “You drink a green shake Every Single Day for dinner!?”


That might be a better fit under the “Every Single Week” program.

But Every Single Day I can make one decision about my weight loss plan to make a difference. Each decision might be tiny–although not always easy.

  • Ask me how hard it is to not take a bite out of one of those burgers for my kids? (OK, I give in: really, really hard.) Willpower.
  • How much do I miss the thick and sugary creamer in my tea? Not so much. But in the beginning, it was painful. Solved.
  • Share that baguette with my son before we even get to the cashier? Now that was just plain mobile deliciousness. I’ve stopped.

In the beginning, it was a challenge. But now, I’m used to it. It’s become a habit.

After just one month, I eat less every night. Even if I’m going to splurge and eat like I used to, I still eat less than I used to. Remember, we’re talking about just one short month ago. It’s taken only that amount of time to build a habit.

Every Single Day I:

  1. Make a green smoothie in the morning. (Even my wife drinks it sometimes.)
  2. Decide to have a bite less of something. Just stop.
  3. Take the stairs, walk around the extra block, ride my bike, or do one little effort more than I used to.
  4. This is the best part: I feel better, lighter, fitter and I have more energy and it’s more consistent.
  5. Drink more water than I used to–sometimes double.

Every Single Day just a little. It will get easier. The power of it will grow and if you’re losing a tiny bit of weight (or none at all) in the beginning, stick with it, it will come.

Now, after just a month, it’s a habit to lose weight. It’s a habit that I’m losing about a half a kilo per week. I’m almost to my goal weight and then what am I going to do when I reach it?

Keep going.

Why? Because this feels good. It’s easy–a whole lot easier than when I started. Because I can. Because it gives me more energy. Because I feel lighter (in both body and spirit). Because it reminds me that I can do anything with just a little effort, a small decision, on a daily basis.

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