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It’s probably not a good idea to upload my book to Amazon while I’m in the train. Unless, of course …

It’s probably not a good idea to upload my book to Amazon while I’m in the train. Unless, of course …
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Until the book is a huge success. Then it was a great idea.

If you do something out of the ordinary or just plain not following the rules, you’re going to have to expect at least a few “I told you so.” comments from people.

It's probably not a good idea to upload my book to Amazon while I'm in the train. Unless, of course ...

Oh. I’m a day early anyway. Probably a good thing.

There are 91 days until October 17, 2017, and I wanted to get my pre-order “Every Single Day” book up onto Amazon. But according to their calendar, I should do it tomorrow.

I find as hard as I try to do things methodically, I’m still pretty haphazard. I’m taking courses on book marketing, working on plotting (even though I’m a pantser), but I still do things like work on my Kindle Direct Publishing upload while I’m in the train on the way to the airport heading to Thailand for holiday.

Who defines success?

If I toss together a rough draft of the book and manage to upload it onto Amazon while I’m on the train to the airport (now I’m all the way to the airport and the WiFi is spotty) and my book bombs or just is normal, then all of this is moot.

But if it rockets to success or I’m interviewed about the writing process and I mention this day, then it’s a story. Then it’s interesting.

Does it matter if it’s a “numbers” success? Are numbers all that matter? Sales and downloads and reviews and dollars? Are we allowed to call ourselves successes based on our own criteria? I’m pretty thrilled the book is coming together and it’s going to be live in 90 days (or 91). That, to me, is success.

So when I’m being interviewed about my rock-solid, every-single-day, methodical process for putting the book together, do I mention that I uploaded the description just before I had to get off at Schiphol? It’s part of the story, right? It’s part of who I am. Apparently, it’s a part of how I do things no matter how many courses I take or try to change.

As much as I write about change in the book, perhaps there are things that we don’t change. Or rather, maybe there are things that we don’t really want to change–and we’re completely fine with.

I’m going to stick with the plan of uploading the book while I’m on the train or in the airport or maybe tomorrow morning at the stopover in Doha, Qatar.

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