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What if magic were closer than we thought?

What if magic were closer than we thought?
This entry is part 12 of 12 in the series UMM Holland

You know when the radio dial is in between stations? What if magic were that close?

It’s just a notch away and then you hear it. Or a notch the other way and it’s static or silence. Or a garbled, incomprehensible nothingness.

Why can a dog hear a dog whistle but we can’t? If you put on polarized sunglasses, you can sometimes see sun rays or clouds differently. Or even as subtle as when someone asks you, “Do you hear that?” and you don’t hear it, but then they tell you what it is and then you hear it.

It was there all along, but you never noticed or never put your attention on it or just weren’t at the right frequency to connect with it.

What if magic were like that?

Magic is closing in on Charlie Holiday and he didn’t even ask for it. He wasn’t looking for it. In fact, he’s not even sure he wants it. He really just wanted a coffee and some WiFi but things got a bit out of hand.

He’s going along with the program for now because it’s interesting, but he’s pretty sure he’ll go back to his normal life soon. He thinks that there must be others who are more qualified or even interested in all of this hocus pocus stuff than he is. He’s not even sure he believes it all yet. With virtual reality and embedded chips and who knows what else, maybe it’s all just a game. Maybe he’s on a reality show and they’re all going to jump out and say, “Surprise! We got you!” at some point.

But so far there’s no one.

Well, not no one. There was Charlotte. Then there was Lisa. Then there was his dad. That must have been hard to have set up considering he passed away and all. Oh, there were those people in the street in Florence. Hmm, then again back home in Utrecht. Well, maybe there hasn’t been exactly no one, but no one he knew or expected.

But maybe that’s just it. If he knew them or expected them maybe it wouldn’t happen? Maybe that’s part of the allure of it all.

In any case, that’s where Charlie Holiday is these days. He’s somewhere in between stations and he’s not sure which way to turn the dial.

Here’s where his story begins on vacation in Florence, Italy.

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