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Unknowing Majestic Mystic: The Plot

Unknowing Majestic Mystic: The Plot
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Seriously? Do I really need to write out a plot?

But I’m a card-carrying Pantser!

In the world of writers, things are split between:

  1. Plotters
  2. Pantsers

The Plotters sow seeds and create an outline and follow it.

The Pantsers write “by the seat of their pants.” In other words, they’re winging it and learning and doing as they go along. They might have a vague plan, but they’re pretty figuring it out as they go along.

I’m a Pantser at heart, but am humble enough to know that I should be at least part Plotter.

So yes, I really need to do this.

The Unknowing Majestic Mystic Plot

As a writer, the UMM happened when I “just let go.” Back in Italy several weeks ago, I allowed myself to write whatever I liked. This is what happened: Is seeing believing or do you have to believe it to see it?

Blurb / Headline / Pitch

Charles Holiday just wanted a little WiFi and a latte macchiato. Is that so much to ask? But no, he was tasked to save the planet and alter humankind. But first, he was given a superpower. No, really. “Could I at least get the coffee to go?”


Our hero realizes he has a super power. He just has no idea what to do with it–or does he terribly care.

Initiating Incident

Our hero is contacted by someone who gives (or shows) him his power. He doesn’t know what to make of it, but he can no longer deny it.

Main plot

This is how (some) superheroes are born. It’s not always on another planet or through some giant explosion. It might be as simple as asking for the WiFi in a cafe. Our hero was just a “regular guy” but now wonders if there are others out there like him.


What should he do with this power? What can he do with it? He certainly can’t do nothing. He’s a bit lost.


As he gets a handle on what he can (and cannot) do, he learns of his place in the world.

Subplot 1

Not everyone who has the extra powers is good hearted. He learns how to help people, but does that mean others could harm people? Does he have the power to stop them?

Subplot 2

Could anyone have the powers he has? Why was he chosen? Can he influence who is chosen?

Subplot 3

Does he go public with his story? What if people think he’s crazy? Is there a MeetUp group he can join. “Hi, I’m my name is Charlie Holiday and I’m a superhero.”

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