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When you hear about how a person changed her life, it changes your life.

When you hear about how a person changed her life, it changes your life.
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Even if you say you don’t believe it, it can’t be true, or is exaggerated, it gets you thinking.

As more and more people ask me about my upcoming book, Every Single Day, I find my answers are evolving.

Part of me doesn’t even care how people changed their lives or if how or what they did is applicable to the reader. All I really want is the tiniest of sparks to ignite that may be, could be, just might be the start of something.

When people send you a story that has changed their lives, they are sending you a story that is filled with grace. They’re saying this changed my life. When you read it, it changed your life. — Caroline Myss

We often forget that we are inspirational to others. Also because we often don’t inspire ourselves. One comment I often get is that I’m very hard on myself. I set high standards and then I don’t stop until I reach them. Until I get there, I’m hard on myself. Yeah, I suppose it’s true. But even that has been an inspiration to others: just the fact that I won’t give up.

See what I mean?

We don’t know which stories will inspire others. We don’t know even which part of which story might inspire someone you might never think would be inspired by that part of that story. See how small the chance is? But there’s a chance.

Here’s some more math about probability. The chance of someone else hearing your story goes down to zero when you don’t tell your story.

I’m looking for people to interview who subscribe to a philosophy of Every Single Day. It’s how tiny change on a daily basis can lead to big change. That’s it. It’s crazy simple. But it’s not necessarily easy.

I want their stories to be told. I don’t care if they’ve done handstands every day for three years or kissed a stranger every single day for a month, those stories have changed who they are and by telling their stories there’s a chance that they will help change someone else’s life.

Your story of the change in your life will change the life of someone else. It’s probably a law of physics. But I wouldn’t know. I only know about probabilities and there’s a chance that your story will help to change someone else’s life. Are you ready to tell it? Tell it to me.

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