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You do it even when you don’t want to do.

You do it even when you don’t want to do.
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You do it even when you don’t think it’s helping.

But you do it because you know it is helping.

I’m coming across more and more ESDers, those who do what they do Every Single Day because it has become who they are. There are:

1. Writers who write Every Single Day,
2. Business owners who meditate Every Single Day.
3. Athletes who train Every Single Day.

They know they don’t need to do it every day. If they missed a day, they are are bothered, but it won’t break them, but they won’t miss two–and they probably even try to make up for the day they missed even though they know it doesn’t really matter.

It’s a choice. You choose to whine or you choose to improve.

Sometimes, they don’t feel like it. Sometimes they think it’s not helping. Maybe they think it was all a big waste of time and they’re heading down the wrong path. Occasionally they doubt what they’re doing. Maybe they even doubt who they are. But they keep doing it.

It’s so much more than “do.” You might say that they do it because they “believe.” But at some point, the do turns into believe and at some point it becomes know. They’re not just guessing that it’s working, they know. They might not even be able to prove it or do a PowerPoint presentation on it, but they also don’t need to. It becomes something that they no longer need to prove to anyone else because it’s bigger than that.

Maybe I don’t feel like it. Maybe I don’t want to. Maybe I think I’m wasting my time and it’s all been just a big mirage. Maybe I doubt. Maybe.

Early on, ESDers like to hear about people who would rather do something else as it reduces the competition. Later on, true ESDers think more about cooperation and even cultivation over competition.

But maybe I do, I think, I believe and I just know. I might not care if you believe me or even if you approve because it’s become bigger than you, bigger than me. I just know. It’s just me. It’s just who I am.

Do you ever have that feeling? If you do, drop me a note and let’s have a quick chat about what it means to Every Single Day.

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