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You know those things you never seem to get done? What if you could get them done?

You know those things you never seem to get done? What if you could get them done?
This entry is part 11 of 36 in the series Every Single Day

You know those things that you spend months thinking about doing and then you finally do them and they take only minutes?

Yeah, you won’t have those anymore.

It’s a mathematical challenge beyond the greatest minds in the field. Something that ends up taking only minutes, yet there are hours, even days and weeks spent in the build up. Remember, we’re not talking about something that you need to train for (e.g. a marathon), or maybe something that’s crazy important (e.g. your PhD dissertation), we’re talking about do-able, finish-able things.

But in your mind, they’re often huge, possibly even insurmountable and just annoying.

This is part of the Every Single Day series where we are gathering up chapters for the upcoming Every Single Day book. Do you have an idea for a chapter? Let us know!

When you take ESD, stuff gets done.

Whatever it is you choose to do (or rather, whatever chooses you … but that’s another conversation), you will get it done because you are committed, determined and will stop at nothing to Get It Done.

You do it Every Single Day so just put it on the ESD Conveyor Belt™ and it will get done.

Dear non-ESDers, I understand that probably sound overly simplified. But it is simple. It just might be easy at first. Later on we’ll cover how it can be both simple and easy, but for now, let’s just stick with simple.

It’s also highly contagious.

I’ve spent the last, oh, two months not putting up blinds in my son’s room. It’s now May and it’s sunny so early and so late in the day that you’d think we live in the Greenland. The blinds sat on the floor of his room all this time. We tripped over them, cursed them, and wondered why they hadn’t been magically installed onto the windows.

Then yesterday, it happened. We put one up. Now we’re putting up the others. It took about 15 minutes and it was done.

How can that be possible? How can we expend so much energy not doing something when it only takes a fraction of energy to get it done? BONUS: when you get it done, you no longer spend any energy on it. DOUBLE BONUS: you even earn or gain energy because of the pride of accomplishment you feel not to mention the joy and relief you feel for having gotten it off of your plate–or your floor.

It’s weird math, but it’s simple. Later, we’ll work on easy. Stay tuned.

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