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“Every Single Day” is available for pre-order on Amazon

“Every Single Day” is available for pre-order on Amazon
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It took two years, hundreds of posts, a train, a plane, and a hotel room, but it’s up there.

That’s the kind of sticking power I’ve learned through the Every Single Day methodology.

We’re 90 days out! The maximum amount of time in advance that Amazon allows you to put a book up for pre-order.

I just hit upload and it’ll be ready in a matter of hours.

It’s exhilarating.

That’s the best word that comes to me. I see that it’s been a year since I last uploaded a book to Amazon and that makes me sad. I want this, no, this will be a regular occurrence from now on. I’m not going to state a number, but this form of creation is so rewarding.

It’s one in the morning in Bangkok and we just arrived, but I snuck away to get this thing up there. That’s the kind of fun this is. This is just the beginning.


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