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The best way to see Bangkok.

The best way to see Bangkok.

The Tuk Tuk is a classic, on foot is tiring and hot, the taxi is air conditioned, the tour bus is enclosed. There’s only one way to see the real Bangkok.

You might argue that on foot is the closest you’ll get to the locals. They’re on foot, too. But you can’t get very far, kids complain more quickly, and it’s just plain hot.

You don’t want to see it through a glass window–you might as well stay at home or in your hotel and watch the city through other people’s eyes on YouTube.

I get the allure of the double decker hop on, hop off bus. You can see lots in a short time and your kids can listen to the Chinese recordings and the other eleven languages when they’re bored out of their minds with yet another architectural comment.

But there’s really only one way to:

  1. See the back roads of a city,
  2. Keep your kids awake, interested, and possibly even enjoying it,
  3. Get a little exercise,
  4. Feel the wind through your hair,
  5. Cover lots of ground with minimal physical exertion.

Guessed it yet? It’s on two wheels, but is less dangerous than a scooter. It’s certainly not a motorcycle. If you’re Dutch, you’ve probably already skipped ahead to get the link so you can sign up. Yes, it’s cycling.

We’re talking about a leisurely trot through town on a comfy seat, seven gears, and a view from (slightly) above. You’re whisper quiet, you are practically a part of the scenery, and yet you’re secretly witnessing what you probably never would have see even if you were on foot.

We went with a Dutch outfit (duh!) called Go Bangkok Tours (or on Facebook) and they were fantastic. Run by a true Dutchman so you know the bikes are going to be solid, the guides are going to be knowledgeable and fun, and it will be gezellig.

Yes, I’m biased, I love cycling. But I can’t think of a better way to really see a city. You’re close to the ground, literally shoulder to shoulder with the locals, you don’t have a motor or a window to separate you from getting close, and it’s easy, exercise and fun.

The next time you’re in Bangkok, hop on a bike and see the city from a different perspective.

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