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Probably the Best Lunch Ever

Probably the Best Lunch Ever

Those times when you’re on, you’re all connecting, laughing, and it’s as if this is the only moment to be recorded in all of time.

I used to think these times only happened when you were 18 or maybe it was 23. But then they kept happening.

Those moments when you’re laughing, cracking jokes, both at ease yet also sharp and clever. You have the ideas and the stories to back them up. They egg you on and you take the bait. It’s the rising tide that lifts all boats.

You push back and they mock you. They laugh at you and with you. But you’ve known them both for just a day and decades. Somehow both at the same time.

The drinks pour liquid fluidity into your creative consciousness and that crazy idea becomes The Big Idea.

It might be an idea that doesn’t get past lunch–or it’s one of those that changes the trajectory of the lives of all four of you. You won’t know.

You would never know had you never had that lunch. The one by the harbor in a little town somewhere in southern Spain. You don’t know where you are, you have never been there before and will never be there again.

You might remember the lunch forever or forget as soon as I finish writing about it. Yet here I am writing about it.

These are the times we hold onto yet they’re the ones we strive for at the same time. We live them, relive them, and then reinvent them.

Four guys having wine and seafood at a table in a restaurant next to the harbor of a town I don’t know in a country where I’m certainly not a local.

Yet, we made our mark. Our laughter ricocheted from the rocks above and over the waters towards north Africa. No one will remember this day and yet we all might.

It’s somehow still not about the memory but about that time we experienced it there and then. There is no repeating, remaking, redoing, improving or even trying to.

Do, enjoy, laugh, tell, listen, and rejoice in that we’re there, right now.

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