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Dream about singing or sing about dreaming?

Dream about singing or sing about dreaming?

There’s only one person you have to ask permission to pursue your dream.*

But it’s just so much fun to talk about your dream! Why bother actually doing it? What if you fail? What if it’s not actually as fun doing it as it is dreaming about it?

Dreaming is like walking in the park: easy, casual, doesn’t take much energy and it’s pretty hard to fail.

Doing your dream is more like running a marathon. Barefoot. Over a bed of glass. Naked. In Iceland.

Oh man, forget that! Who wants that?

You do.

Because you can’t not do it. Because it’s all you think about (and, apparently, all you talk about). But where does talk get you? Pretty far, actually!

  • Fun at parties!
  • Pretend to have a plan!
  • Sound like you know what you’re doing.

But you go to sleep at night and you’ve only talked about your dream. You can go to bed and dream some more about your singing. What if you sang about dreaming? What if you actually tried to do what you’re so scared of? Dreaming can seem so real though! It’s enough to just dream. I know, it’s a tough choice. Except, that, uh, it isn’t.

The difference is when you wake up in the morning.

If you’re only dreaming about singing, you’ll wake up to a nightmare.

If you’re singing about dreaming, your day is your dream and your dreams are your days.

*Answer: you.


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