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Who would your fictional character be?

Who would your fictional character be?

You need to write fiction.* Who is your main character?

I don’t do drugs, but writing fiction is what I imagine is the high that people get. I don’t quite know how else to describe it (says the writer … ).

When I’m writing fiction, something (or someone) takes over and I’m just the messenger. My fingers type the story as if it was told to me and I’m usually as surprised as the reader as to what happens next or at least how it happens.

I need more fiction in my life.

Nonfiction is all around us. There’s plenty of it. From learning habits like Writing Every Day to expanding on that to Every Single Day, life-transforming lifestyle changes. Got that. Working on those.

But fiction is playtime. Fiction is cotton candy. I don’t even let my kids eat cotton candy as it’s pure sugar. Well, it’s a pure high. I’m working on two fiction projects right now:

  1. LiLuStrated: the 5th book in the Li & Lu series.
  2. Paris: a secret project I’m co-authoring with another writer.

The Paris project is a really fun outlet, but we’re a little stalled right now and need to get back into gear. Also, it’s lots of back and forth and I need somewhere where I can soar.

As the Write Every Day guy that I am, I also post this today as a marker, a line in the sand that something is brewing, bubbling to the surface and I’m as curious as you are (no, I’m more curious) as to what’s going to come of it. I’ll leave it at that.

Oh. If you were forced to write fiction, who would your character be?

Sifting through some photos, at least a scene came to be in the photo below. Rain drops on glass with a few of a castle on the banks of a river.

* Just accept it as the premise for this post.

Who would your fictional character be? [Ghent, Belgium]

Who would your fictional character be? [Ghent, Belgium]

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