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How much is the current effort worth in terms of future possibilities?

How much is the current effort worth in terms of future possibilities?

What if? If things turned this way or that, it might maybe could happen, right?

Are you up for preparing for the chance that it might? If you could do something now that might help something later on and that effort today would cost you little but the potential impact on the future might be great, wouldn’t you want to at least give it a go?

Attend the Open House where you might never actually return.

As of this day, Saturday, January 29, 2017, I can honestly say that I have no idea where we’ll be in two years. So why bother then going to a middle school/high school (here they are one school combined) open house if there’s a chance that we won’t even be in this country?

Because there’s a chance.

Sure, great, whatever Mr. Mathematician and Probability Statistics Dude.

You can stop there if you like, but the interesting part is this:

An action today has potentially exponential influence on that very future that we’re so keen on knowing.

But performing that action will change that future. Even if slightly, but the secret is that we don’t know how it will influence the future. Remember that if you aim your rocket just a fraction of a hair to the left, high up in space that turns into a distance greater than we can even imagine back here.

One visit of one hour (well, it turned into two hours because he didn’t want to leave … ) on one day might alter, even if slightly, the path of my son. Just the influx of information, of knowledge, of experience will transform his thinking which could have an influence on his future actions, thoughts and beliefs.

Still debating whether you should spend that hour today as you don’t see the clear “benefit” on your future. Think about it this way: if you don’t take the action today, the influence (of the event) will be very close to zero.

I don’t know which action this means for you today, but you do. Think about it in terms of the short-term and then also the long-term future and then decide if the action today is worth it–or if in the future you’re ready to accept not having taken the action today.

How much is the current effort worth in terms of future possibilities?

Visiting the chemistry lab where they got to make homemade hair gel–complete with glitter!

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