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Somebody’s Got Talent

Somebody’s Got Talent

Is the “Got Talent” show inspiring or intimidating?

It’s both real and entertaining. There are acts that are awful and others that are awesome. You never know which it’s going to be until they begin.

Thanks to our Apple TV and the curiosity of my 10-year old, we’ve been watching lots of (name your country)’s Got Talent. I didn’t realize it was beyond the US and the UK until he showed us the top acts in several other countries around the world.

The show is now way beyond America and Britain. In fact, it’s in all of these countries around the world.

It’s one of those shows that you don’t think you have time for and maybe even don’t want to make time for, but the suspense, the surprise and the potential shock factor is so great that you have to watch.

It's not over because they started. [Amsterdam, Holland]

It’s not over because they started. [Amsterdam, Holland]

But what makes the show so real is that these are real people. They dare to audition, they give it their best and the judges let them have it–for better or worse. It’s not just a feel good show, it’s as real as the spectrum from heartbreak to heartthrob.

But my usual question for anything we watch (or the kids watch): is it OK / good / educational or at least entertaining in a non-moronic way for the kids?

Let’s see:

  • Entertaining: it’s just plain fun to see the spectrum of talent.
  • Reality: it’s not just the winners, the losers are part of the show as well. Someone will win, but most will lose.
  • Inspiring: If they can do it, why can’t I? is a perfectly logical thought to have when watching.
  • Intimidating: there are some spectacular acts on the show where you think, “I should never get on stage and sing.” So what are you good at? What would you go on stage and do to wow the judges?

It’s Not Over

What I especially like about the show is that they dared to give it a shot. It’s not over if they lose. Even if they were terrible, at least auditioning is more than 99% of the population dares to do. In fact, especially if they were terrible it makes it even more important that they gave it a shot.

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