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This is what you should do after meditation.

This is what you should do after meditation.

You just finished your meditation. Now what?

It’s a crucial part of your day, use it wisely.

I feel like I want to put up a giant, cheesy, flashing, neon billboard:

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This is what you should do after meditation. [Siam Reap, Cambodia]

This is what you should do after meditation. [Siam Reap, Cambodia]

Post meditation is a precious and important time that you shouldn’t let go to waste. If, during your meditation, you achieved great heights, clear insights or even just a sense of quiet serenity, it can help to harness that change in yourself so as to prolong it, to nurture it and to help it grow.

If your meditation brought you peace and tranquility and you jump up, get ready for work and go sit in traffic, the power of the meditation might fall off of you like dandruff (sorry for the visual … ).

Reveal, Repeat, Reinforce.

Post meditation is a (unconscious) transition time and it’s important to hold onto what you just went through as much as you can throughout your (conscious) day.

  1. Reveal: Say it out loud or write it down. What are the first thoughts that come to you? After those, what else comes to mind. We’re not talking about a 47-page PhD thesis, maybe it’s just a few words or sentences. In fact, don’t write too much, just the gist of it. This process can also help pull out what you are already forgetting.
  2. Repeat: You think you know it because you just said it aloud or wrote it down, but just repeat it anyway. Just go over the main points. This might last only 20 seconds or a 1 minute.
  3. Reinforce: Strengthen what you’ve written down (or said aloud) by creating cues or patterns or tricks (or anything) that will help bring you back to where you were during your meditation but in the day-to-day regularity of life.

This whole process doesn’t have to last long, but it’s important that it happens in one form or another. You can also work on #3 while you’re on your way to work (or school or wherever).

This offer won’t last long! Get ’em while they’re hot! Act now!

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