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If you had the luxury of doing only one thing, what would it be?

If you had the luxury of doing only one thing, what would it be?

Right now, ask yourself, “If I had just one thing I was allowed to do, what would it be?”

OK, OK, I suppose you’ll have questions:

  1. Can it be gluttonous like, “I would just eat doughnuts all day.”?
  2. Does it have to make a living?
  3. Can I also do other things?

Forget all that. At the naming firm where I used to work, we used to use something called the taxi test. You just got in the taxi and someone is yelling something to you as you drive away. You roll down the window to listen and you hear it clearly, but then you’re around the corner, so you don’t have a chance to ask questions. We used it often for the spelling of the company name to see if at least they’d be close, “The company name is!” Yeah, well, writing that out makes it a little easier to spell, but what if someone yelled that out and you were supposed to remember? We often got into the company tag lines (as domain names) to pass the taxi test so they could yell, “Shoes for cats!” and you wouldn’t forget that.

So, taxi test, someone yells, “If you had the luxury of doing only one thing, what would it be?”

Do you know? Just off the top of your head, no questions, no side topics.

Wow, when I notice that I wrote about pretty much the same topic before it occurs to me that maybe I’m trying to say something. Ya think?

But since then my thinking is even simpler. In fact, I know exactly what I’d do and it’s just one word:


If I had more time than just around the corner, I might elaborate, “Write. Write fiction books tougher with my boys for the next 6 years as they grow up. Also write non-fiction about parenting, travel, technology, marketing and health.”

There you have it. Well, actually, there I have it. This is mostly a post as a time capsule to look back on this day and see what I wanted to do if it were asked of me with no other explanation. This should be one of those questions you ask yourself once a year (or maybe once a month) where you have to write it down, fast, no thinking, and just let it flow.

Yeah, that’s going to happen.

But I did it today. So I’ve got that going for me.


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