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Could it be that things start really getting better for you when you stop focusing on you?

Could it be that things start really getting better for you when you stop focusing on you?

Could “Better Together” mean less and less for you?

And more and more for them?

My cup runneth over. I have so much. I’ve felt like I’m a dam about to burst. Or I’m under a frozen lake and I’m about to break through the ice in a geyser of water escaping through a hole in the middle. I have so much. I’m overflowing.

But as I had come to see it, it wasnt the amount of prayer George received, or the fact that he’d been prayed for at a batch of conferences or missionary trips. George began to get better the moment he began praying for someone besides himself. — Lynne McTaggart in “The Power of Eight

Could it be that I need to give? I need to share? It’s not that I need more in my well, more water in my lake, to bust through, but that I share the excess, give away as much as I can because, as I’ve said, I have so much.

Could things get even better for me when I work/write/live for someone besides myself? What if I think of the reader? The potential ESDer? Someone who is where I was in 2012 when I started down this path? What could that person need?

I need to think back, but I know what they need. They need quite a few things, but here’s a quick shopping list:

  1. Confidence,
  2. A push,
  3. A pull,
  4. Hope,
  5. A break,
  6. Clarity,
  7. Focus,
  8. Stillness,
  9. A deep breath,
  10. A slap,
  11. A smile,
  12. A laugh,
  13. A hug,
  14. A hand.

Maybe I’m 14. Here’s my hand. Let’s go. It will work out. If you have the patience, perseverance, passion, and allow the play to come, we can do it together. You can do it alone, but it will just be so much less fun, take quite a bit longer, and, trust me, let’s just do it together.

Hey, I’m heading that way anyway. Hop in. There’s a bottle of sparkling water in the side door. Roll down the window. Turn on some music we’ve never heard. Look ahead. See what’s there? Yeah, me too. Here we go.

Better Together.

I’m filing this under, among other things, Delegating.

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