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(Possible) Upcoming Books by Bradley Charbonneau

(Possible) Upcoming Books by Bradley Charbonneau

Now that we’ve got the heavy-hitting, deep-diving “Every Single Day” almost on the shelves …

It’s time for what’s next.

In putting together all of the sections of the ESD book, I came across all of these templated pages for elements I hadn’t really thought about. Preface, Afterword, etc. Then there was “Also by [this author]” and I thought … “Oooh, what’s next?”

Well, I know what’s next. But I took a little creative liberty and had fun with the page called “Also by [this author]” and added a “(Possible) Upcoming Books by Bradley Charbonneau.”

This is what happened.

A perfume, a silky scarf, a lover, a layered cake of extravaganza.

A perfume, a silky scarf, a lover, a layered cake of extravaganza.

A perfume, a silky scarf, a lover, a layered cake of extravaganza.

Rick & Liselotte meet through NaNoWriMo and agree to meet in Paris for the month of November to collaborate on a book. A romance. But they’re not going to be romantically involved. At least, that’s the opening scene. (co-writing with Lone Morch, who thought up that title, but I don’t really know what it means)

The Unknowing Majestic Mystic: Italy (UMM Book 1)

Do all superheroes start out like this? Meet Charlie Holiday.

The Unknowing Majestic Mystic: Holland (UMM Book 2)

Are there any positions open in the back office of Superheroes Inc.? This isn’t really working out.

The Unknowing Majestic Mystic: Thailand (UMM Book 3)

Wait, I’m able to do WHAT? OK, I’m in.

Pride: How to Write a Book Together with Your Kids—and Why you Should

Step 1: Write books together with kids. There is no Step 2.

The Procrastinator’s Workbook

A follow-up workbook to the Procrastination 101 Course … which hasn’t taken place yet either.

Li & Lu and the Secret of the Deep Fryer (Li & Lu Book 5)

Li & Li move to Europe where Lu has been collecting bad jokes while Li complains about Lu. (mystery / suspense / children’s / horror / fantasy / comedy / reality / documentary / confessional / autobiography / paranormal / etc.)

How to Raise Bilingual Kids with an iPad, a Burrito, and $286

Tip #42: Get ‘em while they’re young and can’t talk yet.

How to Move Your Entire Family to Europe in 412 Not-Always-Easy Steps

Step #289: Agree to fries as a daily staple.

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