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The ultimate wedding photographer’s camera?

The ultimate wedding photographer’s camera?

Looking for the competitive advantage in the wedding photography industry?

Special lenses, just the right light, fancy cameras, multiple angles and $10,000 light bulbs. Been there, done that. How could you possibly wow your bride and groom clients above and beyond?

Speaking of above and beyond, check out the promotional video:

For some reason, I know lots of wedding photographers. I don’t know that much about the industry, but I do know that if you search for “wedding photography” in the San Francisco Bay Area, let’s just say you’ll have plenty to choose from. So how can a wedding photographer set themselves apart?

Wouldn't this shot be better if it were taken from 30 feet above the hill?

Wouldn’t this shot be better if it were taken from 30 feet above the hill?

Short of renting a helicopter or a crane or climbing up a tree, how could they get that perfect and unique angle? Forget the grappling hooks and danger, just get a camera drone. Get one that you could program to do a loop of the bride and groom. Even while they stand on some precarious cliff or maybe they’re on their boat on the ocean.

Liven things up: have them bike down the tree-lined lane or for the adventurous wedding party, maybe if the groom’s crew is the active type, follow them for a minute on their jetskis–or skis.

The bride and groom frolicking in the waves of their tropical beach? Great, but how about when the camera zooms out and circles around them from above?

If I’m tempted to buy this drone to take video of my kids’ skiing, just imagine the newlyweds reliving their wedding-day walk through the meadow filmed seemingly without a photographer or anyone else around.

If you don’t buy it, your competitor will. For under $1,000, it seems like a way to distinguish your services without hiring a, you know, helicopter pilot.


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