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Know What You Want

Know What You Want

No, you can’t sample every ice cream in the shop.

No, you can't have 14 samples.

No, you can’t have 14 samples. [Newport Beach, California]

If you’re going to make a big purchase, say, a car, sure, test drive a whole bunch of them. But if you’re buying a $2.75 ice cream? Just pick one and call it a day.

Of course, try new things, sample something different. But deep down, know what you want.

Have some sympathy for the gal behind the counter. She has 14 customers behind you, 237 before you that day and then another few hours to go. You’re buying a scoop in a waffle cone. Want to make sure the salted caramel isn’t too crazy salty? By all means, give it a go. But make a decision and get on with it.

If you don’t know what you want, step away from the counter.

Ice cream, cars, logo, website … it doesn’t matter so much. If you don’t know what you want, it might not be quite the time to pull the trigger and get started with a project. Maybe think a little more about what you want before you step up to the counter. Don’t take the time of someone behind you who knows what they want. Don’t make the logo designer figure out that you don’t actually have a clue what you want at all yet. Don’t make the marketing lead discover that your product doesn’t actually exist yet. Sure, if you’re paying them hourly or if they’re your second cousin, great, fine, you’re annoying, but it’s maybe OK.

But hey, think of 1 Sample Only at the ice cream shop. Think a little before you step up to the counter. Save yourself–and those around you–some time and effort by making an informed decision at the right time.


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