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Join my Social Media Flash Mob (to help promote the “Every Single Day” book launch)!

Join my Social Media Flash Mob (to help promote the “Every Single Day” book launch)!

We pool together our social media numbers and my book makes a bigger splash on Join me?

Join me? See my Thunderclap campaign here.

My book is coming out on Oct. 17. If I try to email you all (or text you or call you or post in Facebook), I might get a handful of you to head over to Amazon to buy my book, maybe leave a review. Or maybe you’ll tweet about it. Or maybe you’ll remember the next day.

This is where Thunderclap comes in. Here’s from their site:

Think of Thunderclap as a social media flash mob, or a massive scheduled social post. Your supporters can sign up to have your message published to their account on the date and time you choose. Thunderclap is similar to crowdfunding, but uses social currency instead of money. Your audience can “donate” a Tweet or Facebook post to help you spread the word.

Thunderclap makes it so your fans don’t need to remember to post your message to their social media account at a specific time. They can sign up ahead of time, and you’ll have a clear picture of your social reach even before launch day.

That’s the service they offer. Pretty cool and we can give it the old “Let’s See What Happens” strategy.

At the moment, I have 14 supporters. I need 100 or it doesn’t even launch. Join me? You can use Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr.

IMPORTANT NOTE: what Thunderclap will do is ask your permission to post a message (the message you see below) on Oct. 17 from your account. So yes, your Twitter account will tweet this message below on Oct. 17. If you share with Facebook, FB will post this message to your FB account as you on that day. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not feel obliged to do so.

However, if you’d rather not do, say, your FB account, but don’t mind doing your Twitter account, I’m still much obliged. I just need 100 supporters to make it work.

Thanks for your help today!

P.S. If you’d rather keep this out of your social media and you’d rather just cut to the chase and pre-order the book, you can do that right here. Thanks!

Join my Social Media Flash Mob?

Join my Social Media Flash Mob?

I’ll probably never live this down if I go public here with this, but I think this is the most awesomest flash mob ever:

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