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It’s Sunday. I’m looking forward to Monday.

It’s Sunday. I’m looking forward to Monday.

I actually can’t wait until Monday.

I don’t know if I’ve had this much fun since, I don’t know, traveling around the world. But then it wasn’t “real” in the sense that it was temporary, it was travel. Sure, it was long, but I knew it would come to an end.

What I’m doing now, what I can’t wait to continue “working” on tomorrow, on Monday, is “real” and it doesn’t have to come to an end if I don’t want it to.*

(See that asterisk there? I was planning on writing about how what I’m doing isn’t “work” because I enjoy it. But the asterisk is taking over.)

* You might say, “Or until someone else tells you it’s time to make it come to an end.” But even that won’t stop me. I just won’t agree with that person. That’s the beauty of making art (or, frankly, creating anything): I don’t need to please 100% of the people. In fact, purely by the numbers, if just 0.000001% of the world’s population (7,500,000,000, that’s 7.5 billion) or 7,500 bought a few of my books each year, that’s just 0.000001%. I don’t even know how to say that number. So, no, I don’t need to please all of the people all of the time, I just need to please 0.000001% of people a few times per year.

My whole “asterisk” ( * ) is taking over my post here … which would not be the first time.

But this is an important point. I no longer terribly listen to someone who says that I can’t accomplish something. Sure, I can’t rocket to the moon, but I don’t really want to (well, OK, it’d be fun). I just want to write books and entertain and (once in a while) educate and/or help people and make enough money to live on. That’s it.

You can’t convince me that it can’t happen, you can only tell me that you won’t buy my book or you think that this certain part of the population won’t buy my book. Great, fine, sure, whatever. But then I’ll just say that I’ll find another part of the population or another group or I’ll change what I’m writing to figure out how to help or entertain that part of the population that you say that I’m not going to reach.

Do you see how I can’t lose?

But maybe this isn’t such an “asterisk” to my main point. Maybe this is my main point: I can’t lose.

It’s Win Win. I’m doing what I want and, eventually, I’ll make a living doing it. You can’t convince me that it won’t happen. You might say that it will take a long time and you might be right. But that’s OK, I’m oddly not in a big hurry because I love what I’m doing.

I’m already the Mexican Fisherman.

I’m already where I want to be.

So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

But that, in more than a nutshell, is why I’m looking forward to Monday.

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