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Every Single Day is Freedom

Every Single Day is Freedom

Discipline is Freedom.

If it sounds counterintuitive, you’re not disciplined enough.

The words “Every Single Day” are loaded for me (discipline, daily habit, transformation, etc.). But all of them require discipline and although that might sound ridid and closed and full of regulations, discipline creates freedom.

Maybe freedom sounds like:

  • inspiration,
  • free,
  • whenever,
  • someday,
  • creative,
  • rule-free,
  • etc.

Let’s take something I’m a tad bit familiar with: writing Every Single Day.

If I had to “make a decision” every day as to whether or not I was going to write, I would probably spend 23 hours debating or procrastinating or wondering or wringing my hands about doing it–or not. But since I know I’m going to do it, no matter what, no matter when, no matter no nada, then there is one decision I don’t have to make every day.

Also, if I wrote yesterday, it’s that much easier today. In fact, if I wrote all last week up to yesterday, today is going to be loads easier. Aha, if I wrote all month then today is going to be a breeze. See how it works?

But here’s the best part. After a certain amount of time, you no longer need to go over the basics. You’re better, you’re trained, you’re good–or great. You keep getting better.

Or you could choose to make the decision every single day and give yourself the “freedom” to decide whether or not to do it today or maybe just think about it tomorrow and start working on it the next day.

I’m sorry, I can’t even write those words. It’s too painful.

Discipline is freedom.

Give it a try.

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