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You do well in practice. How well do you do when it’s game time?

You do well in practice. How well do you do when it’s game time?

How much practice until you’re ready for game time?

“So, coach, how come I can shoot so well in practice, but in the game against defenders, I don’t shoot as well?” — 13-year old eager basketballer.

I’m all about practice. In fact, I might be about too much practice. Is there such a thing? Dunno. But you need to suit up for the game as well. You need to get out there and skin your knees on the asphalt. You need to take risks and play (or work if you want to call it that) at a level above what your practice routine is.

Maybe it’s time to up your practice regimen.

If your practice is getting too easy, it’s time to raise the bar. You’re making every shot, you’re, I don’t know, Writing Every Day. Great, awesome, you’re going strong–but maybe it’s time to put it into second gear.

Let me back up. Of course, you don’t have to do this. You don’t have to up your game. If you’re happily rolling along at a level you’re comfortable with, then you’re all good. This is more if you want to get better.

Practice doesn’t mean going through the motions. It’s not calling it in. Practice should be better than yesterday and quite a bit better than last month. Practice should be at least a little challenging and not only fun and games.

Practice makes perfect, but not all practice is created equal.

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