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I’m giving up writing and going back to client management and web design.

I’m giving up writing and going back to client management and web design.

Too much creativity involved. I miss the client interaction.

With four books now under my belt, I think it’s time to throw in the towel. I’ve given it a good run, but I just miss client phone calls (especially about PHP MyAdmin database tables) and how what they did really didn’t work out and they should have followed my advice months ago and could they now fix it.

I get to play the hero and come back and fix it. Of course, I don’t get paid for this extra work (although I’m also thinking of going into the field of contract writing because it just makes my eyes sparkle) but I do it for the well-being of the client and to remind that, even though they didn’t listen to an expert, it’s OK and we’ll just fix it anyway.

I just miss the thrill of that adventure, the surprise of never knowing when a client is going to call to talk about what’s broken or maybe broken or not even really broken but they’re not connected to the Internet.

Creative writing and non-fiction writing is just too much work. Using all of those creative brain cells that could be put to better use finding creative solutions for clients who just don’t care either way.

The whole “writing books with your kids” thing is also vastly overrated. It’s better for us both if we just do other things together, like the dishes. Their creative minds get enough work in school, why test their boundaries?

So that book I published today will be my last. Getting up at 4:30 and writing non-stop until 10:30 was just too long, even though the time flew by and I think it might have been one of the happiest moments in my entire life. Still, whew, too much work. And for what? So some parents and kids might have a laugh? They might think to create something together themselves and I might have been their inspiration? Just not very likely to happen. They should stick with iPads for the kids and cocktails for the adults.

April Fools.


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