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Out of your rhythm? Get back in it or start from scratch?

Out of your rhythm? Get back in it or start from scratch?

I’m so far out of my rhythm I’m not sure where to start.

Maybe I should start from zero, from scratch, from a blank slate.

What if I took this opportunity to start new habits, break old (bad) ones and regrouped? I’m jet lagged, I’m awake all night and sleep half the day. I have zero time on my own, eating like a tourist and it seems like it’s been forever in this mode (it hasn’t been a week).

Travel can knock you out of your routine. Could it be a blessing in disguise?

Travel causes change, it promotes it, it helps it grow. In fact, it might be impossible to not change while (real) traveling (the Hilton for business doesn’t count). What if we could use that momentum to catapult us into a new orbit? What if you were already on a new trajectory and you needed a push, a diversion, a diversionary push?

What if you wanted to get out of rhythm so you could get into a new rhythm?

What if you move? Your whole world is new or different and your rhythm might be seriously jolted. Is it an opportunity to change things up or to reassess and get things back to where they were?

What was working in your past flow that you want to keep going? What wasn’t? It’s time to take a good, hard look at what you were doing. What does your gut say? What about that brain of yours? Which one seems more right to you?

We just watched the entire double DVD set of Moby Dick. Captain Ahab was determined at first, then driven then possessed. That’s great, but he, literally, took the whole ship down with him.

What about your past patterns and habits might have been good for you but maybe not others? Or vice-versa? Captain Ahab should have probably gotten into his own little rowboat and had it out with Moby on his own and not dragged down the rest of the crew.

How can you fulfill your dreams, follow your passion, now take down your crew and get into a new and improved rhythm.


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