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Is it time to remind yourself that not everyone knows what you know?

Is it time to remind yourself that not everyone knows what you know?

I have a nasty habit of thinking that everyone knows what I know–and more.

I care less and less about it because I don’t terribly care what other people know and I even care less and less what I know.

But I am rather addicted to learning and growing and improving.

It’s almost the end of the year. What did you learn in 2017? What do you want to learn in 2018?

I was talking to a friend last night on a walk in the neighborhood after dinner and I realized that I knew quite a bit about the publishing industry. This guy had a brother who was looking to publish his book and, even in hearing the words come out of my own mouth, I realized that I knew quite a bit.

Sure, compared to the guy who doesn’t know anything. But still.

Why do I need to remind myself?

Because I write. Because I want to sell books. Because I want to teach people stuff and I want to finesse information, filter it, pull out the good stuff, the relevant parts, and then share it in my own words. That’s writing, right?

What have you learned that others might want to know? Don’t think of your boss or your know-it-all cousin. Think of someone who might be truly interested in what you have to say. In what you have learned recently.

I’m not saying we all need to build online courses. Not at all. But it’s fun to learn and then to share that knowledge.

No, I swear. It is.

Try it. In fact, try it in 2018. Learn something and then teach that something to someone else.

Not for money. Not in a course or a book. But over beers. Or coffee.

Wow them with your knowledge, but make sure they get something out of it. Maybe even quiz them a little. Know what tends to happen? Then they learn something and they pass it along. Crazy, I know.

If you were looking for a theme for 2018, there’s one.

You can have it. Free of charge.

Just like that.

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