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“I thought it was the washing machine.” (Exclusive pre-release FREE access to the award-winning murder mystery!)

“I thought it was the washing machine.” (Exclusive pre-release FREE access to the award-winning murder mystery!)

No one is safe.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the castle. Right about the time when your perspective on society was softening and your heart dares to beat again with the rhythm of a person who cares deeply about the well-being of others that inhabit this same earth. Just about then you hear the sound.

SPOILER ALERT: it wasn’t the washing machine.

6 authors spend 6 days writing 6 pages of a novel that (another spoiler alert!) at least one of them isn’t going to breathe long enough to read the last pages of.

What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s do a quick inventory:

  1. Reliable WiFi,
  2. Bottomless hot water,
  3. A bakery open certain hours of some days,
  4. Dentures,
  5. Extension cords galore,
  6. Creativity.

Wait. Was #4 dentures?

You might thing creativity killed the cat, but you probably haven’t yet read “Murder in Rappottenstein.”

Oh, and it wasn’t a cat that got killed. Just saying.

In their first (and probably last) co-working novel, 6 authors gave it their utmost effort (or at least half an hour) and have put together a masterpiece the likes have which probably never been seen before–and hopefully will never been seen again.

There is gut-wrenching drama, suspense, plenty of murderous mermaids, pearls of self-help wisdom, hints of financial freedom and cyber currency financial advice, all wrapped into the shortest book you’ll never read.

Act now and download it for free because later it will, well, probably still be free. In fact, if you hold out, the authors might put together a fund to pay people to read it, although you will have to sign up for a cyber currency account and for that, you can’t live in South Carolina. More on that later.

For now, grab your favorite e-reader, phone, or tablet and get started reading “Murder in Rappottenstein.”

You won’t be sorry you did!*

* Well, you might be sorry, but it’s so short it won’t last long and then you can get back to your day.

Murder in Rappottenstein. Spoiler Alert: it's not the washing machine.

Murder in Rappottenstein. Spoiler Alert: it’s not the washing machine.

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