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The Rooster Bar

The Rooster Bar

The good guys go after the bad guys and the good guys become the bad guys.

Reading for me is mostly escape: escape from the world I know or even escape from my lack of knowledge of something and into a world that I don’t really know. Here again, I had plenty to learn: for-profit law schools, realities of ICE immigration policies, mental illness, suicide, and what it might be like inside criminal courts.

John Grisham is one of those authors where I’ll pretty much just read anything he writes. Here he has me rooting for the “underdogs” when they’re also “bad guys.”

But all I secretly want from a book is to want to read the next page. I know I have a good book when I’m looking for times in the day when I can read. “Ooh, if the bus is delayed, I can read one more chapter.”

As an author, I realize that it’s both an art and a science to get your reader there.



  1. Keep reading.
  2. Keep writing.

Keep writing, Mr. Grisham and we’ll keep reading.

P.S. On a nitpick note, I couldn’t tell the two male characters apart at all. I just finished the book yesterday and I’m not even sure I know their names (Nick?). I realized they changed their names at some point, but I mean more that I couldn’t tell the personalities apart. I think one of them was more of the leader, the more brazen one, but I couldn’t tell you any other characteristics that separated the two.

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