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Ja, maar wat als alles lukt?

Ja, maar wat als alles lukt?

The first two words are the pessimist’s favorites: yes, but …

But here the world shift with what comes next: what if it all works out?

The “Yes, but … ” people are everywhere. Watch for them. Listen for them. Then walk away.

I know, I’m a terrible person. I’m so mean.

But I’m not terrible. I’m not mean.

I just don’t have time for “Yes, but … ” in my life. Sure, if the question is “We could rob the bank and get away on my scooter. I swear.” Then OK, the “Yes, but … ” response is appropriate.

What are the answers you’re used to compared to those you’re not expecting? What about when you get answers you’re not expecting from people you didn’t expect them from?

What are the questions that you ponder where your own answer might be, “Yes, but what if everything works out?”

You can drink all of the negative Kool Aid you like, but what if you work on the scenario where everything works out?

Just for the record, where I currently am in my life compared to where I was just a few short years ago, I can honestly say that it has all worked out.

In fact, it’s beyond what I could have even fathomed working out some years further back.

So go ahead, say this to someone else who doubts your will. Whisper it to that person who wants to second guess your dreams. But the most important person to say it to you is yourself.

Ja, maar wat als alles lukt?

Ja, maar wat als alles lukt?

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