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It’s not “Before” or “After.” This must be “During.”

It’s not “Before” or “After.” This must be “During.”

“Your domains will be canceled in 5 days.”

It’s a bit like watching them tear down a building you built. The boy in me is just loving all of the destruction. Part of me is sad that something that I built is going to dust … but it’s not that sad.

In fact, it’s just shedding weight. I’m gaining speed. I’m lighter, more nimble, less baggage, less crap.

People ask me, “Wow, you’re closing your entire business. Aren’t you going to miss it?” No.
“Couldn’t you hire a manager to run it and you just sit back and cash checks?” No.
“What if … ?” No.
“But … ” No.

I don’t want things dragging on. They’re like a dress accidentally stuck under the closed car door: it just puts drag on the car, is going to get really dirty, and you’re going to probably have to throw it out anyway.

Part of me doesn’t know what’s taking so long to get rid of this business. To just say Goodbye! Good riddance! and be done with it. But I put in a hell of a lot of work over the past ten years. It’s taking more time than I realized to shed the weight. I’m not even done yet. I still host some 100+ domains and websites. Poof! Just go away!

Part of me wants to change my name, move to a new continent, start a brand new business and cut all business ties to the past. Well, 3 out of 4 isn’t bad.

I record this today as a reminder of change. This is in the middle of it. This is it. This is the underbelly, the dirty, boring stuff that takes place in between “Before” and “After.” This must be “During.” It’s not pretty. It’s not fun.

And it’s not pretty fun.

P.S. Ha, I just wrote about the importance of Patience the other day. This an example of impatience: I want the past over with and the future here now.

If you build it, they will come. If you tear it down, they will leave.

If you build it, they will come. If you tear it down, they will leave.

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