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Does worrying help?

Does worrying help?

Are there studies that show that it helps? If so, I’ll start doing it more.

But until then, I’m enjoying not worrying much.

Does not worrying mean you don’t care?

I’m not even sure they’re related or that it’s the same part of the same question.

Here’s a bullet list of the benefits of worrying:

Are there any? I think it’s a colossal waste of time.

“OK, smart guy. How can I not worry? What else can I do instead?”

Here’s a quick and certainly not exhaustive list of things to do in place of worrying and, hopefully, will help prevent or replace worrying:

  1. Take action. What are you worried about? What can you do, right this very second about it? Do that (instead of worrying about it).
  2. Plan action. If you can’t take action immediately, at least plan it. Now that you know you’re going to be doing something about it, you have less time to worry about it.
  3. Educate yourself. Can you learn more about what you’re worried about? Maybe the odds of whatever is going to happen? Is there something you can do about it that you don’t know about? Do you everything you can possibly do and have you done them all? If so, great, head back to the easiest worry replacement: Step #1.
  4. Talk about it. Talk to others. Learn what they have done. Try to see if your worrying is validated.
  5. Step back. Have a look at the bigger picture. Is your worry still so large?

There are many more and they keep getting larger than the number zero (the benefits of worrying). Any more to add to the list?


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