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This is a special occasion, so it’s OK.

This is a special occasion, so it’s OK.

How often can you use the “special” label?

Let’s see, I’m being honored for the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s OK to reschedule the PTA meeting. But then what about when your cat does a backflip for catnip, are you allowed to be late for work?

Where do you draw the line? Who’s drawing that line, anyway?

Is it shooting star or a full moon?

A dear friend is visiting for a few days and you have lots of work to do–even work that you would really like to do–but you won’t see him again for a year and you’re having so much fun. Can you just make up the work next week? You’ll catch up, right?

My whole life is special.

The answer must be in some combination of hard science and gut feelings.

Let’s take the cousin. If you are going to lose a project, forfeit solid income to go on a long hike with said cousin, it’s going to be a pretty easy decision (either way you choose). It’s probably going to come down to the hard science of money.

But where do you find the balance if the hard science isn’t there? What’s going to give you a knot in your stomach? You’re going on another activity–that will be also the last one you do in a year–but you really want to get that project started. You know you can start it next week but you also know it’s going to bug you until you start. It’s going to come down to a gut feeling about what to do. If that cousin is such a good friend, he’s going to understand that you need some downtime to get that project started or you’re not going to enjoy the rest of the day anyway.

Do you abuse the “special occasion” card when you want to avoid something? It’s just this once! I’ll be able to catch up next week? You are your only true judge so it’s only up to you.


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