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Trying to get your child to learn piano?

Trying to get your child to learn piano?

Build his confidence, his pride and his understanding of the basics in one fell swoop.

Kids don’t like learning. Well, let me rephrase. Kids don’t like learning when they think they’re learning. For adults, they don’t like work when they think it’s something they have to do, but if something they want to do, or better yet, a la Tom Sawyer, if it’s something they feel privileged to do, then it’s an honor.

But kids love teaching others what they know. Especially if they are better at it than their students. Here’s a trick:

Ask your child to teach you piano.

(NOTE: this works for just about anything that your child is learning.)

It’s a big help if you don’t already know how to play the piano or at least you’re not as good as your kid.

Here are some things that kids like even more than a bowl of Doritos and a Donald Duck comic book on a non-school day:

  1. Learning when they don’t think they’re learning. This is also known as play.
  2. Teaching you when they feel that they know if better than you. Bonus if you’re his parent.
  3. Practicing because they notice their getting better. This works especially well when they aren’t reminded 27 times per day that they have to practice. HINT: let them learn music they actually like to listen to.
  4. Showing off that they’re better than you are. They probably are better than you are. Let them bask in the spotlight.
  5. Receiving praise for their improvement. Most people appreciate praise. Heap it on if they’re learning and getting better.
  6. Improving their skill. They might not realize they’re improving. Remind them (if they are).

Double bonus secret tip: adults like all of these things too. Jus’ sayin.’

So what can your child do better than you can? C’mon, admit it. Let them be better. Let them teach you. They’re become better at the skill, better at teaching, you might learn something and if you’re not careful, you might create a bond with your child that you didn’t know existed.


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