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We can only talk around the idea until you experience it.

We can only talk around the idea until you experience it.

Until you get on the mountain, skiing is a philosophy.

When people ask me about habits or writing or success or happiness or meditation and I might start into something I’m doing or an approach or a philosophy, it’s almost immediately apparent if we’re talking (1) around the idea or if they have (2) experienced it for themselves.

It’s a huge difference. Maybe as big as the difference between …

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” — Mark Twain

Now, I’m not jumping to any conclusions (e.g. laziness), but it’s usually that they just haven’t done it (or much) yet. They haven’t gotten their hands dirty, rolled up their sleeves and tried it out on their own. Maybe they want to know more about it before they jump in. Sure, I can understand that.

But what’s often the case is that they’re looking for the Quick Fix or the Secret Passageway or a way to do it that doesn’t require as much effort. Sure, they’re willing to exert some effort, but maybe if they can get by with less, that would be nice too.

I refer to my dear friend John Muldoon who has saved me thousands of dollars and hours over the years with his reminder that you do need to Do The Work (before you start looking for shortcuts). You do need to Do It before you can even seek advice on How to Do It.

Let’s take skiing. If you have never buckled into a pair of skis and stood atop even a beginner mountain, all of the how to manuals and tutorial videos and ski instructors are wasting their time. You need to Just Put on the Boots.

Still wanna talk about writing habits, meditation and success? Make it more interesting for me–and for you–and get some experience behind you and I promise you that your questions for me will be different than what they are today.

Talk soon!

We can only talk around the idea until you experience it.

We can only talk around the idea until you experience it.

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