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So you want to write a book?

Oh, that's simple. Just take a step off of this cliff, please.

"You just have to make the time and start. Once you start, you’re hooked."

D. Mall, 10 Day Writing Challenge Participant

So you want to write a book. Or at least start a book. Or, well, maybe just get going with Chapter One. OK, fine, if you wrote one day, one time you’d be happy.

But you’re pretty sure that a writing habit would be good for your life. If you could just get rolling, just get over the first roadblock and get into the flow, then you’ll be rolling and then that novel you’ve had trapped in your brain will be freed and you’ll finally be able to come out of the writer’s closet and call yourself a Writer!

“Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there?”

Where are the cheering crowds? Where is the fanfare to celebrate your decision to get back into writing? Oh, wait. What’s that? Oh, they want you to actually start writing first?

I’m here to help.

"Writing Every Day has changed my life."

It's no longer just what I do. It's who I've become.

 — Bradley Charbonneau

Have you heard yourself say some of these before:

  • I just don’t have the time to write–and certainly not every day!
  • I’ll do it when I retire.
  • I need a solid block of 3 hours to really get into the flow.
  • I wait for inspiration, then I’ll really get going.

You get the idea. What you need is a plan. You’re looking for someone to take you by the hand and force you to write Every Single Day for the next 10 days and then you’ll know if you have your writing habit back. So that’s what I’m here for.

Introducing the 10 Day Writing Challenge

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10-Day Writing Challenge

10-Day Writing Challenge

For the next 10 days, you’ll get an email with a writing task. You complete it and you wait a day. Then you’ll get another. You do that one, don’t worry about the next one yet, and then wait for the next day. This will go on for 10 days. That’s a bit more than a week.

After 10 days, you’ll have one of these thoughts:

  1. Sheesh! That wasn’t so bad! I’ve got this writing thing down!
  2. Oh, did we start already? I think I put in the wrong email address. Wait, let me get a pen.
  3. Yeah, about that. So, on Day 3 my car needed to go into the shop and I got backlogged at work so much that by Day 4 I wasn’t sure if I was even allowed to catch up and then I couldn’t stop the email flow and …
  4. It wasn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I have more respect for writers. But I’m not a writer.
  5. I did it. I actually completed it. I’m not sure how I feel other than accomplished. Ask me in a week.
  6. Oh my. Something happened within me. I don’t know how to explain it, but these words just came out of my mouth: I Am A Writer.
10-Day Writing Challenge

10-Day Writing Challenge

If you have a #7, I’d be happy to hear it.

But that’s the deal. 10 Days. 10 Emails. 10 Writing Tasks. That’s it. I won’t shed a tear if you don’t make it, but I might if you do.

I could gush on and on about the benefits to my life over the past 1,600+ days of Writing Every Single Day, but I’ll just let you get started and see how it fits you.

Ready? Don’t pick a day. I’ll help you with that: it’s today. Don’t worry, that’s just the new you who said yes to that. It’s going to be like that from now on, you’re going to get things done, make quick decisions from your gut and you’re going to Write Every Day for the next 10 days.

Ready? I am. Let’s go.

"The hardest day is actually Day Zero."

Once you decide to start, you have momentum.
Make today Day Zero

Days until you call yourself a Writer

Days you probably procrastinated to get to today.

Number of days it takes to start.

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein


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