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The first “Every Single Day” Book Club has formed!

The first “Every Single Day” Book Club has formed!

Yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona, the first ever “ESD Book Club” was formed.

They’re so determined that they formed the group before the book is even available on (digital) shelves!

“When is the first meeting? I can bring appetizers!”

There have already been calls for ESD Experiment Ideas:

  1. Start with a tiny change and report on progress at the 2nd meeting,
  2. Drink a glass of wine Every Single Day for a month,
  3. Everyone do the same experiment,
  4. Everyone do something different,
  5. Keep the experiments secret,
  6. Share the experiments every day all month.

They’re gung-ho and are looking forward to the launch. They also know that striving towards a goal together instead of apart increases your chance of success, understanding, and most of all: fun.

How did the club form?

One enterprising member texted a link to the pre-order page on Amazon and suggested they all buy the book (I love her). As the chat over the text messages heated up about how to get the paperback versus the Kindle version (here’s the paperback, here’s the Kindle), they started talking about taking the conversation offline and convert to In Person. I think “wine” was the first term used, but it was quickly followed by “changing our behavioral habits” and “get into shape” and “go public with my dream career” but also “appetizers” and “backyard patio” made it into the mix.

Their first meeting has yet to be scheduled, but then again, the book isn’t even out.

In tomorrow’s post, we’re going to get them a worksheet for “Every Single Day Book Club Questions” that they can use to blast off that first meeting with a splash!

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